Tips and Tricks for Looking Super Stylish and Modern on a Budget

Tracy Gold
by Tracy Gold
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Are you looking for a style makeover but worry too much about the costs? I am here to show you that you can still look absolutely fabulous on a budget! There’s no need to worry about spending too much on a fashion revamp. You can look gorgeous and glamorous without having to spend a pretty penny. Follow my tutorial for the ins and outs of learning how to rock some modern, stylish, and wallet-friendly trends.

How to have style on a budget
Head to the thrift store

With my low budget of only $50, I decided to hit one of my favorite thrift stores to get started on finding a new fabulous piece. 

Try on different pieces

I tried on a couple of different pieces but I had to make sure I was buying something that I absolutely loved and that also stuck to my budget. 

Choose the perfect piece

I ended up taking home this absolutely stunning maxi dress and I couldn’t wait to start styling it! 

Add a belt
Create a classic matching look

The first thing I added to my new dress was a belt. I always say it’s important to have a belt sit on the smallest part of the body which is usually the waist. It helps draw attention away from the stomach so it’s a great accessory to have if you’re feeling a little bloated. I also love that this belt picks up the cream in the dress. It just looks stunning! Adding my cream jacket and shoes is the perfect way to create a matching look. 

Add a denim jacket
Create a casual look

I love mixing things up a little and most people probably wouldn’t pair a denim jacket with this dress but I just love it. This jacket definitely makes the dress a lot more casual even though it’s a maxi. I also added some gold accessories to this look and paired the dress with my gold ankle boots. Although it’s not a totally matching outfit, there is definitely a theme making this a super fun look. 

Add a bodystocking
Add some layering

Now for those of you who don’t feel comfortable showing your arms and chest, a bodystocking is the perfect way to stay stylish! This is a great way of creating layering in your outfits. It looks so stunning and you can always add a jacket to the outfit as well. 

Add heels
Dress up the look

Finally, a great way to dress up this piece for any event or occasion is by adding a heel. Since red is my signature color I decided to paint my nails red and of course, wear red lipstick.

How to dress with style on a budget

It’s amazing how easy it is to look stylish on a budget! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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