How to Look Stylish: Ten Simple Tips and Tricks

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Everyone has those articles of clothing that they love, but for one reason or another, they just don’t lay right. But don’t get rid of them just yet. Here are a few styling tips and tricks on how to fix those little bothersome problems, and perfect your look.

Tools and materials:

  • Clear elastic band
  • Padding from a bikini top
  • Fashion tape
  • Shoelace or other long string
  • Safety pins
  • Sewing elastic
  • Hair elastic
Too-long belt

Prevent the end of a too-long belt from hanging down

Small elastic band

Wrap a small, clear elastic band around the buckle end of the belt, and slide it down to where the notched end of the belt will reach. 

Tips to look stylish

Tuck the notched end of the belt into the elastic. This will hold the excess length of the belt in place.

Wear a tube top without a bra

Wear a strapless top even if you don’t own a strapless bra

Remove the padding

Remove the padding from the cups of an old bikini top.

Use double-sided fashion tape

Attach a piece of fashion tape to the inside of the padding.

Remove the protective strip

Once the tape is in place, remove the protective strip to expose the second sticky side. 

Press the tape onto your skin

Place the padding inside your shirt. Press the tape against your skin to secure the padding in place.

Styling hacks

Ready to go!

Unflattering baggy shirt

Hide the excess fabric on a baggy shirt

Untuck and unbutton the bottom

Undo the bottom button.

Cross the tails

Cross the tails of the shirt at the waist.

Tuck in tightly

Tuck in the left shirt tail on the right, and the right shirt tail on the left.

How to look stylish every day

The excess fabric is now hidden.

Oversized sweatshirt

Turn an oversized sweatshirt into a cute cropped sweatshirt

Use a long string, like a shoelace

Tie a shoelace tightly around your waist, and turn the knot so it’s laying on your back.

Pull the shirt up and over

Pull some of the fabric of the sweatshirt up and over the shoelace, so the shoelace is holding the bottom hem of your sweatshirt in place around your waist.

Easily look stylish

Smooth it down, and you’ve created a cute cropped sweatshirt!

Visible bra straps

Wear a sleeveless top without your bra straps showing

Connect the hooks on the straps

Unhook the straps from the back of the bra, and connect them together in the middle. Adjust the straps to make them tighter.

Put the straps behind your neck

Pull the straps over your head so they’re resting across the back of your neck like a halter.

Hidden bra straps

The straps are now close to your neck, and will not show on your shoulders.

Baggy jeans

Make the waist of your too-loose jeans fit snugly

Use a long string, like a shoelace

Find a shoelace or any other long string.

Pull the string through the back loops

Run the shoelace through the three back belt loops of your jeans.

Tie a bow

Tie the shoelace in a bow at your back to secure it in place.

Well-fitted jeans

Your jeans will now fit snugly!

Stylish looks

Throw on a layer to cover the knot in the back.

Crooked bow

Tie a perfect bow

Wrap the strap around your fingers

Wrap the first strap once over your fingers vertically, close to the waist, and then create a loop with the excess material of the strap.

Pull the loop through

With the second strap, create a loop and insert it into space between the vertical part of the strap, and loop of the first strap.

Pull the loops

Pull both loops through the vertical part of the strap.

Make a perfect bow

Adjust it until it lays just the way you like it.

Baggy dress

Take in the side seams of a baggy dress without sewing

Wear the dress inside out and backwards

Turn the dress inside out and backwards, and put it on.

Use safety pins and elastic

Attach a safety pin to a piece of sewing elastic long enough to stretch comfortably across your back.

Pin at your waist

At waist-height, attach one end of the elastic to the side seam on the inside of the dress with the safety pin.

Pin the other side

Use another safety pin to do the same on the side seam on the other side of the dress.

Elastic across the back of the dress

Once you are satisfied with the fit of the elastic, turn your dress right side out.

Fitted dress

You’ve created a beautiful, flattering shape for your dress.

Bulky front-tie

Turn a button-down shirt into a knotted crop top without the bulky knot 

Open the bottom buttons

Unbutton the bottom two to three buttons of your shirt, and reach through the gap between the last two fastened buttons.

Pull the fabric through the gap

Pull one shirt tail through the gap.

Both shirt tails pulled through the gap

Pull the second shirt tail through the gap.

Perfect knotted shirt

Tie them in place. No more bulky knot!

Wear a jacket with rolled-up sleeves

Step: Prevent the rolled-up sleeves of a jacket from falling down

Thin hair elastic

Use a hair elastic.

Put the elastic around your arm

Pull your sleeve up to the desired height and hold it in place with the elastic.

Fold the fabric over

Fold the fabric of your sleeve over the elastic to hide it.

Cool way to style a jacket

Now you’ve got an effortlessly cool look.

Jean jacket

You can use the same trick for a jean jacket.

Thick hair elastic

Use a thick hair elastic.

Put the elastic around your arm

Place it on your arm above the cuff of your jacket.

Fold the cuffs

Fold the cuff over to hide the elastic.

Styling a jean jacket

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Suggested materials:
  • Clear elastic band
  • Padding from a bikini top
  • Fashion tape
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