How to Look Effortlessly Stylish - 7 Fabulous But Simple Tips

When it comes to how to look effortlessly stylish, there is one simple rule: size does not matter, proportion does. By swapping things around and changing up the proportions, you can dress to flatter your figure, and always look polished and put together.

Even though there are many different body shapes out there, some general principles and rules can work magic in creating beautiful, flattering proportions for everyone. Today, Giedre is going to share her top seven principles for creating figure-flattering outfits.

How to dress simple but stylish

1. Proportion of thirds

The proportion of thirds is a golden ratio proportion and is used in many different art forms because it is by default the most flattering proportion. It is all about the vertical proportion of our bodies.

Outfits and figures are most appealing to the observant eye when they are divided into thirds. So if your top and bottom pieces take up 50:50, this proportion is less flattering in comparison to the proportion of thirds i.e. one-third for your top half and two-thirds for your bottom half.

These proportions help you to not only look more appealing visually, but they also help to elongate your bottom half, which is very flattering if you’re top-heavy, if you are on the shorter side, or you have broader shoulders.

How to effortlessly look stylish every day

2. Vertical side panels

You have probably heard a lot about the magic of vertical lines, and yes, it is true, vertical lines help elongate our bodies and help us appear slender and leaner. But, you do not necessarily have to wear stripes. Lines are created by the outer lines of our clothing as well.

Vertical side panels help divide your mid-section, camouflage your side bits and the hip area a little bit. In order to create vertical side panels, you might go for a blazer or a cardigan and leave them open to create that flattering division of your midsection.

How to always look put together

3. Hemlines on slimmest body parts

This principle is all about the horizontal lines. The rule of thumb is that our eyes travel along with the hemline. So, if you want to downplay your midsection, the rise of your pants should hit the slimmest part of your body.

If you opt for a sleeved top, you want the sleeves to finish at the thinnest part of your arms. If you want to make your legs look their best, opt for a skirt that’s hemline hits the most flattering spot of your legs, which is usually around the knee area. 

How to always look polished and put together

4. Embrace diagonals 

A downwards sloping angle is not only flattering for many different body types, but it also adds interest and depth to our look. To achieve this, I like playing around with different blouse necklines, wrap skirts, and asymmetrical hemlines.

There are also prints in diagonal lines like chevron and zebra. High-slits also create diagonal lines that are usually very flattering, elongating, and help in balancing off the proportions.

How to dress to flatter your figure

5. Go for open necklines

Giedre does not like showing off her cleavage, and she believes that showing the clavicle instead creates a subtle, sensual, and elegant look.

She also finds an open neckline to be very flattering for those who want to balance off their bottom half, for those who have broader shoulders and want to minimize them, or those who have a fuller bust and want to minimize it.

It is also a great way to draw attention away from your body parts and create a focal point around your face.

How to flatter your figure

6. Fit and flared

Fit and flared style is a great option to create volume, but at the same time show off the slimmest part of your body in order to create flattering proportions.

Go for hourglass blazers, peplum tops, a-line skirts, flared trousers, fit and flare dresses - there are plenty of different silhouettes. Find the one that is the most flattering and comfortable for you.

How to dress well

7. Check your support

When it comes to proportions, Giedre finds that support for our breasts is really important; not only in creating beautiful proportions, but also in making us look more appealing and self-confident, and making us walk taller.

Make sure that you are wearing a properly fitted bra that is supporting your breasts and uplifting them. If your breasts are hanging, then you will not have enough space between them and your waist, and that can create a frumpy look.

Giedre hopes you find this guide on how to look effortlessly stylish useful and that you can use these seven rules to inform your outfit choices!

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