Styling Tip: These Colors Make You Look Younger

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Here are some great fashion hacks to make you look younger.

As we get older our hair and skin tones change. The same colors that looked good on you when you were younger, might not anymore.

Here are some flattering colors you probably already have in your closet.


1. Turquoise

This deep blue and green color is gorgeous and rich. It’s not too bright and not too dark. It looks great on everyone.

Red violet

2. Red violet

A pop of color might feel like a risk but red violet is just right. It’s fun but still mature.

It’s a great color to wear for special occasions. It brings out the youthful side of every woman.


3. Navy or gray

Dark colors like navy blue are very flattering on women at any age.

It’s an especially nice color on women of a certain age because it’s got all the flattering features a black dress would bring, but the blue brings a bit more life and vibrance.


4. Periwinkle

This is a lovely light blue with a hint of green. It’s a nice lively color that can look very fresh and youthful.

While dark colors like navy blue can be very flattering, do not shy away from a splash of color. A lighter color creates a youthful, breezy look.

Color fashion hacks

These colors work for the majority of women and help you look more youthful. They are flattering to most skin tones. Wearing these colors will make you look and feel ten years younger. 

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  • P P on Mar 26, 2023

    Royal Blue is flattering to almost al women of all skin tones, per my colorizer coach in 1980s. Some of the colors shown above are not flattering to me as a winter - which most black & oriental women are also - jewel tones work for me! Garnet, not pink, Amethyst, not pale purple, icy greenish blue (not this tame pale shade), emerald green....any shade that causes viewer to see my eyes first, and lips second, is MY color - if viewers eyes are looking up at top part of my face, it lifts the eye! looking at mouth first, eye of beholder is falling & my face looks drooped down too!