3 Style Tips for Women With Short Torsos!

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Hi everyone. Today, I have 3 awesome style tips for women with short torsos!

The goal here is to make the torso look longer to balance your silhouette.

Mid-rise bottoms and hip-length jacket

1. Wear mid-rise bottoms and hip-length jackets

For this first tip, you’re going to want to opt for mid-rise pants over high-rise ones.

This will help you balance out your proportions. You’re also going to want to choose hip-length jackets as this will be the most flattering on your body type.

Untucked shirt

2. Leave your shirt untucked

For this next tip, simply leave your shirt untucked. This will help to create the impression that your torso is longer than it really is.

Empire dress

3. Choose empire or drop-waist style tops and dresses

Opting for these will help balance your silhouette and be super flattering.

Style tips for women with short torsos

And there you have it — my 3 top tips for women with short torsos. These tips are super simple but really effective. You’ll feel more confident than ever before!

Which tip is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  • Grace Grace on Feb 12, 2023

    So nice to see a model who's about my age. She's beautiful!

  • Jea28832152 Jea28832152 on Feb 13, 2023

    Buying petite blouses also helps a lot. They are much shorter. Because of 5 abdominal surgeries, combined with having a short torso, it is very challenging to cover my pouch stomach. Petite blouses and mid-drift stretch jeans have truly helped.