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Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

In what sometimes feels like a world of tall, willowy women, it can feel like such a pain to be short. Buying clothes can be a nightmare and putting outfits together can be such a challenge. But the thing with women is, we all have different bodyshapes and we all face different challenges when it comes to fashion! Your tall friend probably wishes she was more your size.

Read on for some fashion tips for shorter ladies.

Matching your bottoms to your shoes is a good way of lengthening the legs and tricking the eye to make you look taller. A pair of black leather-look leggings with some patent black ankle boots is an eternally chic look that will achieve a longer, leaner silhouette.

Here, I've paired my leggings with a flowing blouse from Pretty Affluent, since I don't like the tight material showing my derriere, and my gorgeous coat from Santinni London in bespoke black. The coat, worn open, helps again to lengthen the body and also shows the outfit underneath.

Speaking of ways to lengthen the body, a scarf always achieves this trick of the eye and I couldn't recommend one more than the classic Burberry scarf. Yes, it's expensive, but I've already worn it so many times since buying it 3 months ago that I've gotten my money's worth. There's nothing in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe that it doesn't work with.

When you're taking outfit pictures like the one above, it's also a good idea to have your photographer a little lower than you to make you look taller!

Also, when taking mirror selfies, it's a good idea to have your camera about shoulder-height. Anywhere else can make your frame look a little odd.

Obviously every woman knows that the quickest way to look taller is to wear a pair of heels. Once you get past the age of going out drinking all the time, though, it often stops feeling worth it to wear them. As a woman over 30, I've (almost) given up the stilettos and now stick to mostly block heels. My favourite footwear is a pair of knee-high boots like the ones above. I rarely wear completely flat footwear as I feel a little heel not only gives me that extra inch or two on my height, but they actually feel more comfortable to me than completely flat shoes. My feet have arches, after all!

My final tip for short women? Stop worrying about it!

You only get the one body so it's silly to get upset over parts of it. When you think about it, if you were taller, you would focus your dislike on other things about your body anyway. Nothing would be fixed.

I posed for the photo above thinking I would look really long and lean on the steps but afterwards realised I looked so short and squat! But I posted it anyway because hey, that's my body. If I were to take this type of photo again, I'd definitely stretch my legs out more, but oh well.

Some Extra Tips:

  • Work on your posture - you look much taller when you put your shoulders back. Practising yoga can help with this.
  • Certain styles of hats will make you look taller, like a bobble hat, because they literally add a bit extra!
  • You don't need to avoid midi and maxi styles just because you're short. If something is literally too long for you, see if you can get it tailored. If you're worried it just doesn't suit you, try it with a pair of heeled boots.

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