Spring Outfit Ideas + Style Tips for Women

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Spring is springing - daffodils are poking their heads out, frogs are spawning (ew) and we're just starting to see cherry blossom blooming on the trees, marking the beginning of many many girly outfit pics on Instagram. It's a beautiful time of year.

It can be a really difficult time of year when it comes to fashion, though. Sure, when Spring is turning into Summer, it makes for some stunning warm-weather outfits but the Winter-to-Spring transitional outfits are so much harder.

The main way I like to mark the change of the seasons is to switch up my colour palette. There's not many light colours in my Autumn-Winter wardrobe - I like to (mostly) reserve them for Spring and Summer.

Get yourself a couple of cream rollneck jumpers - they will go with everything - and on my wishlist also is a beautiful cream coat. They always look so elegant, especially in a wrap style.

The must-have accessory for any Spring season in Britain? An umbrella!

I think it's important to have a neutral-coloured umbrella for Spring because what's the point of putting together a beautiful, coordinated outfit and then ruining the effect with a wacky, purely functional umbrella? I love Radley umbrellas like this pink one - they are more expensive but will last you so much longer than one from the Poundshop.

In the depths of Winter, many of us get stuck in a rut, wearing a cosy uniform of jeans, coat and boots. (Not that I don't love coats and boots.) To mark the beginning of Spring, look to your skirt collection, particularly midi and maxi skirts.

The above photo was taken on a warm day but this ribbed midi skirt can definitely be worn on cooler days too. It's really surprising how warm long skirts keep you, and equally, they can help to keep you cool on hot days too.

For warmer days they look great with a simple camisole top but in colder weather, pair with your favourite knit, opaque tights and ankle boots.

The colours in this outfit may be very autumnal but if you wore similar items in a warmer-weather colour palette, it would make for a fantastic Spring outfit. I recommend everyone has one cape in their wardrobe because they always look expensive and fashionable, and they're great for transitional seasons because they give you an extra layer without trapping heat (and making you wish you'd brought a travel-size deodorant along) like a heavy coat can.

If you have an hourglass figure like me, a classic cape can make you look shapeless, so try cinching it in with a belt like this tan leather one from Loewe. Threading it through the front of the cape but leaving the back loose and flowing makes for a very luxe look.

Wear over a floral dress, tights and boots in a neutral, light colour palette and you have a winning Spring outfit!

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