Nine Tips and Outfit Ideas for How to Style Jeans

Jeans don’t always have to be casual and plain. Giedre has created a lookbook of nine different outfits to illustrate a few tips on how to style your jeans to create interesting, fashionable looks you will love.

High-waisted jeans style

It’s all in the shoes

Just a few minor changes pulled this look together perfectly. Giedre replaced her black shoes with brown leather heeled boots and added a white button-down shirt under her sweater. She rolled back the sleeves of the shirt and cardigan together to create some contrast and rolled the cuffs of her jeans to draw attention to her boots. 

Style straight-leg jeans

Create color contrast

Another simple way to style up jeans is to create color contrast in the outfit. To balance out the light color of her jeans and her white shirt, Giedre chose black stilettos, a black leather purse, and a black and gold belt to add darker elements to add to her outfit. A red, black, and gray plaid blazer completed this color-contrast look. 

Outfit with varying proportions

Play with proportions

Playing with the proportions of an outfit can create a very interesting and fashionable visual. Here, Giedre paired her jeans with an oversized shirt dress. She layered a cropped jacket over the dress, and rolled up the cuffs of her jeans, emphasizing each element of the outfit. A pair of black kitten heels with bow details and a brown leather tote bring the look together perfectly. 

Easy jeans style

Go for a tonal look

For this jeans look, Giedre kept all the pieces of her outfit in the same color family. Blue jeans, a light blue button-down shirt, tucked in a bit to accentuate her waist, and a dusty blue blazer perfectly complement each other. The white collar and cuffs add just a bit of contrast, without breaking the tonal look. To pull the whole outfit together, she chose silver stilettos for footwear.

Accessories add style


Effortless jeans style is easy to achieve with just a few accessories. For this look, Giedre started with an oversized shirt dress paired with her jeans. She layered a beige checked blazer over the dress and added a black leather and gold chain belt to give the outfit some shape. She tucked a black and beige silk scarf into the belt on one side, which added an interesting stylistic element to the outfit. Brown leather boots and a brown leather tote completed the look and brought an element of cohesiveness to the ensemble.

Chic tweed jacket look

Tweed magic

Sometimes all it takes is a chic tweed blazer to take those jeans to the next level. Giedre started this look by pairing her jeans with a sheer black shirt layered over a tank top. She chose a green tweed jacket with black edges and gold buttons, and black stilettos to style her jeans. To complete the look, she chose a brown purse and tied her hair with a black and beige silk scarf.  

Style jeans

Avoid slogans/logos

Giedre recommends avoiding shirts with slogans or logos to keep your jeans look chic. For this outfit, Giedre switched out her t-shirt with a logo printed across it for a plain white t-shirt layered with a light blue button-down. She brought more intention to the look by rolling up the sleeves of the shirt, tucking in the tails in the front, and rolling the cuffs of the jeans. She chose simple white sneakers for footwear.

Styling jeans

Dress it up

Giedre started this look in a simple white t-shirt and jeans. To dress it up, she tucked in the front of her t-shirt and added a glamorous golden belt. A beige checked blazer with black buttons added a bit of structure to the outfit, and a black purse was added for cohesiveness. Finally, she switched out her black shoes for a pair of brown leather heeled boots and rolled up the cuffs of her jeans to bring focus to her footwear. 

Flowy blouse and jeans

Swap shirt for a blouse

For her last jeans outfit, Giedre swapped out her button-down shirt for a chic, patterned sheer tie-neck blouse. She layered the blouse over a beige tank top and left the neckline open for a more casual vibe. She paired the blouse with a black leather wrap belt to accentuate her waist and keep with the flowy, romantic style. She completed this lovely, feminine look by adding black kitten heels with gold bow details. 

Which of Giedre’s tips do you find most useful? Which look did you like the best? Let us know!

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