4 Tips for Styling Skirts

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If you love to wear skirts, but you’re not exactly an expert in skirt styling—don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

I’m going to show you four different types for styling skirts that show you how to style different kinds of skirts so they look great on any body type! Let’s get started.

Loose skirt with tight top

1. Pair a loose skirt with a tight top

Achieving a well balanced and proportional look is key to making your skirt look good.

To do this, pair a looser or more voluminous skirt with a more form-fitting top.

Tight skirt with loose top

2. Pair a tight skirt with a loose top

Additionally, to get that well-balanced and proportional look, pair a more form-fitting skirt with a looser top to balance proportions.

Defining the waist

3. Define the waist

Another alternative to balancing your proportions is by defining your waist to create shape.

You can do this by tucking in your shirt, knotting it, or even simply wearing a belt.

Flattering shoes

4. Wear flattering shoes

The most flattering shoes you can wear with a skirt will fall under at least one of these categories: 

A shoe that adds height


A shoe that matches your skin tone


A shoe that has a pointy and elongated toe!

Skirt styling

These tips are so easy, you can start using them right away to build better and cuter outfits with your skirts.

Let me know which tip helped you the most in the comments below!

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