Taking a Sundress to a Fall Look TWO Ways

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Do you have summer dresses that you love but come the cool weather end up in storage? Well her are two examples of how I converted a cute sundress into a cozy Fall outfit!


The first one is a simple summer dress, very thin material that is great for 90 degree days. I love the pattern especially since leopard print is in!

So instead of packing it away for the cold season, I decided to throw a black sweater on top and some open toe booties! This is perfect for when autumn is in the air.

But what if its too cold for open toes? I'm glad you asked because that's when you swap out those booties for knee high boots and some stockings! Throw on a winter coat and you are good to go on the coldest of days icon

This sweater was also loose fitting and had these slits on the side which are super cute but not for this outfit.

I just tied them into a little bow to add some dimension!

Sundress #2

Here is another cute sundress I like to sport in the warm weather. It's a little longer (knee length instead of thigh length on me).

I took off the matching black belt it came with and added a denim long sleeve button down. Then I paired it with ankle wedged booties and a fall fleece hat! This denim button down is pretty thick so it was perfect for a 65 degree day.

When the weather gets even cooler, just swap the shoes for thigh high boots. These are one of my absolute favorites and I wear them ALL the time ($50 from Amazon and come in an assortment of colors).

This is now one of my favorite fall looks

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