The Secret to Zipping Your Dress All by Yourself

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Zips on the back of a top or a dress can be tricky! Sometimes you even have to go out half-zipped until you can find a friend who can finish zipping you (or is that just me?).

Here, I’m going to show you how to do so without any help from anyone else. All you need is a safety pin and a shoelace. Let me show you what to do!

Tools and materials:

  • Safety pin
  • Shoelace
Safety pin and shoelace

Putting safety pin through zipper

1. Put safety pin through zipper

Place the safety pin through the eye of your zipper and close it.

Pulling shoelace through

2. Pull shoelace through

Then pull the shoelace through the safety pin and put your top or dress on.

Zipping up dress

3. Zip up dress

With one hand, grab the fabric just below the zipper to secure it. Then with the other hand, grab the shoelace and pull up.

The secret to zipping your dress all by yourself

The secret to zipping your dress all by yourself

Simply remove the safety pin and shoelace, and now you’re an independent zipper!

Give this hack a try for yourself, and you’ll never be left only half zipped-up again!

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Suggested materials:
  • Safety pin
  • Shoelace

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