Turn Any Bodycon Dress Into a Formal Gown

Every lady has a body con dress in her closet, especially if you survived the 2010-2016 era. Body con dresses were the go-to going out dress. So what did you do with yours? This fashion hack takes it to another level elevating the look and adding a more formal touch.

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Here is my body con dress, a little tight and not too long. My dress hits the knee which is actually long for a body con dress as many of them hit the thigh above the knee.

For this hack you need a long tulle skirt like this. I found a few similar ones on Amazon.

Long tulle skirt LINK $35.99

Long tulle skirt LINK $30.99 (and this skirt has a floral design)

Simply put on your tulle skirt under your body con dress like this. It gives your dress much more length and adds movement to your look because of how it flares at the bottom.

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