How to Style Your Favorite Jeans

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

The most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe is a pair of light wash blue jeans; wearing them makes me feel like my best self. These jeans are a baggy cut because I really like the comfortability of the loose fit. I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to style these jeans, and I hope you’ll pick up some styling inspiration.

How to style jeans

White cardigan

I started off with a white cardigan that I’m wearing as a shirt because a cardigan doesn’t just have to be a piece of outerwear. In my hair, I’m wearing a bandana which gives off cute 90s vibes. To finish the look, I have on a comfy pair of white sneakers - for me, comfort is always a must.

Styling jeans

Graphic tee

Pairing a graphic tee with your favorite jeans is a timeless classic. I like to tuck the tee in at the front and leave it out at the back. To dress this outfit up a bit, I added a pair of leather heels. To wear this outfit in the summer, you could switch the boots to sandals and maybe add a nice straw hat.

Easy jeans style


This next outfit is for colder weather. I’ve gone for a black turtleneck which keeps my neck nice and snug. You could pair this with any type of outerwear; it would look great with a leather jacket, a wool coat, or really whatever you want to throw on top. You could also wear this outfit with a belt if you’re looking to add a bit more definition to your waistline. I didn’t add a belt because I wanted to keep the outfit a bit more minimalistic.

Simple jeans style

Silky blouse

Now for a bit more of a feminine outfit. I love pairing my jeans with a silky blouse - I think that the casual and laid-back feel of the jeans, together with the dressiness of the blouse, is a gorgeous combination, and black is my go-to color. To complete the look, I added a pair of comfy, square heels. (A top tip, by the way, is that if you like the idea of wearing heels, but you’re worried about being uncomfortable, go for a pair of shoes that have a thick, chunky heel. This way, the shoe will support your foot more.)

Basic jeans style

Plaid shirt

This outfit is so ridiculously simple, but I think that it looks so great. When you want to wear a tank top but you don’t want to be too exposed, just grab a men’s flannel shirt, put it on top, and it becomes a cool trendy outfit. To create this look, I actually stole (or shall we say “borrowed”) my boyfriend’s shirt!

White tee

What would a jeans style guide be if it didn’t feature a white tee? The white tee and blue jeans are essential pieces to have, and they go so well together like they were made for one another. To make the look more interesting, I’ve tied a knot in the front and have added some statement gold jewelry. I wanted to also give the outfit a bit of a rough edginess, so I threw on a leather jacket as well as a pair of platform boots.

Double denim

Denim-on-denim is one of the simplest ways to style a pair of baggy jeans. I personally like it when the color of the jeans is similar or almost identical to the color of the shirt, but if you want to feature more color contrast in your outfit, you can play around with different shades of denim. As with the previous look, I’ve knotted the front of the top here just to add a bit of detail to the look. To keep it simple and finish the outfit, I opted for a pair of brown heels.


Last but not least, we’re finishing with my favorite combination of all time - an oversized blazer and a pair of jeans. This is a perfect outfit for so many occasions, and it looks just as good with sneakers as it does with heels. If you don’t yet have an oversized blazer, they’re super easy to find in thrift stores which is, in fact, where I got mine from.

That’s a wrap! Jeans are so easy to style, and the possibilities are endless. This lookbook is just a taste of some different ways that you can style them. I hope that you like the looks I put together, they really are my favorites, and I love wearing every one of them.

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