5 Ways to Style Slouchy Jeans

by Kaecolors

Lately, there have been so many different slouchy jeans styles that I have been loving. I am so excited to show you guys how to style slouchy jeans with different outfits and looks. So without further ado, let’s spice up your style.

Slouchy jeans style

Black on black 

I love black. It’s so versatile and classy. You can wear this to work or on a casual day out. This outfit is especially easy because it doesn’t need much to look creative. Simply adding an interesting top or a couple of interesting accessories can really enhance the outfit. 

How to style slouchy jeans

Add a sweater 

Slouchy jeans look great with a sweater - all it needs is a little strategic tucking. Tuck your sweater up in the front so that it elongates your pants and an accessory for a little extra detail. I added a chunky necklace to make the outfit a little girlier and cuter. Next, I added a belt for a more finished look!

Easy slouchy jeans style

Add a blazer 

I personally love blazers. They consistently make my outfits look classy and layered - in the best way. The best part is that a good blazer can make my slouchy jeans work appropriate! I also added a few accessories (such as my favorite white watch) to really pull this look together. 

Style loose jeans

Make it sporty 

This outfit proves that slouchy jeans really are what you make them. This time I paired my jeans with a maroon windbreaker and tucked it in. I added some white sneakers and an Apple Watch to sell that sporty vibe. This outfit is so simple and still so stylish! 

Loose jeans style

Go out in it 

Just to prove how versatile slouchy jeans are, this last look is completely different from the one before it. This look is fun and sexy and definitely something I would go out in. I paired the jeans with a simple white crop top and a belted purse. I kept the purse as the main focus of the outfit, keeping the rest of my accessories fairly neutral. Don’t forget to add in the small details - they are what make an easy outfit look hard. 

Easy loose jeans style

There it is - five ways to style loose jeans. I think these outfits are all a lot of fun and unique. Remember to add those small details and wear your slouchy jeans with pride! 

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