The Millenial Uniform

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We have been dragged through it lately for our trends (millennials). One thing we have been laughed at lately is our go-to choice for an outfit. It’s safe to say we latched on strongly to a good pair of high waisted jeans, and a good tucked in top. And I think I can also speak on behalf of all of us, it is the basis for all of our looks!

There are countless ways to style it. Plain and just basic is the minimal that you can do to perfect this look.

Add more trending items to it. A button down is my comfort grab. I explained this in my post last month! It is a cozy summer option too!

As always you can add pieces that make it elevated. Here I added a belt, and sweater wrap for a preppy look.

This is only some of the ways it can be styled and worn. If I continued this blog post would be months long!

However you dress in your basic, it is easy to make it as sassy or minimalistic as you want!

How do you feel about the “millennial uniform”?

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