Check Out These 11 Different Ways to Style Your Overalls

by Paperstxrs

Overalls are such a great item of clothing. They’re super cute and comfortable, too. There are so many different fun ways to wear them, so I decided to make a tutorial of 11 ways I like to style my overalls. These looks vary in vibe and what weather they’re good for, so there’s sure to be something for everyone! Keep reading, and let me know which outfit you like best!

How to style overalls

Summer sunflower

The first look is a simple outfit that’s also pretty common. I decided to pair the overalls with a bodysuit so that there’s no need to worry about the shirt bunching up under the overalls. I added some flower jewelry to dress it up and threw on some white sneakers so that the color coordination would come together. The final touch was a white ribbon in my hair. 

Overall style

Country bumpkin

For this look, I rolled up the legs of the overalls so that it would look cropped instead of like a rolled hem. I paired the overalls with an off-the-shoulder top, which I don’t think is such a common pairing for overalls. To add a bit more color, I threw in some blue accessories and blue lace-up sandals.

How to style women’s overalls


T-shirts tend to be the go-to look for overalls. In the video, I show you a few different examples. Sometimes I wear these overalls with a dark t-shirt, or a lighter one when I’m going for a brighter look. My favorite, though, is to pair the overalls with a colorful t-shirt that has fun sleeves or a fun neckline and add some pins that coordinate with the color of the shirt. To finish off the look, I like to wear colorful accessories and fun, thick shoes.

How to style black overalls

Pink fuzzy

For the next look, I added a really fun top that I have. It’s this super cute knit, fuzzy pink shirt that’s also kind of sheer. It’s an odd find, but I’m a fan and it’s really comfortable. I think the unique texture goes well with the corduroy of the overalls. I put on these rainbow tassel earrings that I made since they kind of match the shirt and finished off the look by rolling up the pants and throwing on some heels. 

How to style DIY overalls

Sweater weather

Another super popular clothing item that people tend to wear with overalls are turtlenecks. I wanted to make the look a bit more unique, though, so I took a sweater with a wider neckline and layered that on top of the turtleneck. I then cuffed the sleeve so that the turtleneck also peeks out at the sleeves. Wearing an open cardigan on top of the overalls instead of the sweater is also a great option for winter. To top it off, I paired the look with boots and simple gold jewelry. 

Ways to style overalls


Another clothing item that you might not immediately think of to go with overalls is a cropped hoodie. I think it’s a really cute look, especially when adding accessories like pink gem earrings, a basic white girl bracelet, and my Tamagotchi pin. I pulled my hair into a ponytail with a big scrunchie and donned some pink sneakers to match the pink of the sweater, ending up with a super cute and fun look. 

Best overall styles


I decided to try the overalls with this more elegant top I have, thinking that it probably wouldn’t be too cute. In the end, though, it actually ended up being my favorite look! The black tie of the top goes so well with the overalls and I just really like the way the dressiness of the shirt pairs with the casualness of the overalls. To tie the look together, I put a white ribbon in my hair and added some black jewelry that I made and black block-heeled shoes.  

Cute overall styles

Honey bee

For this next look, I paired the overalls with this short crop top that I have, which gave the overall look a bit more of an edgy vibe. Continuing along that style, I added some climber earrings and yellow high-tops. It may not be edgy to most people, but this is about as edgy as I get!

Cute ways to style overalls


I tend to wear most of my overalls with a halter-neck crop top so that’s what I did for this next style. This is one of my favorite tops, and I paired it with some simple hoop earrings and some white sneakers to match the top. 

How to best style overalls


I’m obsessed with my yellow rainboots. They just make me so happy, and I feel like dancing whenever I put them on. I felt like I needed a neutral look to go with this outfit, so I decided on a black sweater to go under the overalls. To match the boots, I threw on some yellow accessories like these pom pom earrings I made. Finishing up the look was my absolutely adorable pig-in-rainboots pin! If you’re looking for a more toned-down look, a good alternative is to wear the overall pants over the rainboots and cover the majority of them. 

Great overall styles

Dress it up

The top I chose to use in order to dress up the overalls is actually a dress. So I made sure to tuck it in and it works really well with overalls because you don’t have to worry about it coming undone. I paired the look with some dainty jewelry, like a silver necklace and pearl earrings, and my favorite lace-up shoes. I love wearing heels with overalls because I feel like it gives a super fun silhouette. Again, I folded up the pants to create that cropped look so that the lace-up part of the shoes would be more visible. 

Style your overalls

There you go, everyone! Here you have eleven great ways with which you can style your overalls. I love how different each outfit is, giving off a completely different look and vibe. My personal favorite was the snazzy look, but obviously, I’m also obsessed with my rainboots, so that was a close second. What’s your favorite way to wear your overalls? Let me know in the comments! 

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