Check Out These Four Different Ways to Style the Same Skirt

You know how sometimes you get an item of clothing that you’re obsessed with and just want to wear all day every day? It can get boring to wear the same outfit, though, time after time. So I decided to make a tutorial of four different ways to style the same skirt. This way, you can continue to wear that skirt often, but you’ll be able to change up the outfit. Check it out!

Skirt style
Midi skirt with leopard print top

One of my favorite ways to style this skirt is with a long-sleeved leopard print top. Leopard print is one of my favorite patterns, especially for fall, and it just matches the neutrality of this skirt so well. If you’re not as into leopard as I am, this look would work with any kind of patterned top, so have at it. Completing the look are a pair of caramel booties and a small, nude tote bag. I think this outfit is a perfect chic outfit for fall, with a trendy touch given by the leopard print.

Style a skirt
Skirt and sleeveless turtleneck

A sleeveless turtleneck is another top with which I like to wear my skirt. These kinds of tops are so perfect for fall because they’re great for layering. For a more casual, dressed-down look, I like to pair this outfit with a pair of classic white Adidas sneakers. To contrast the casual look of the sneakers, I added a pearl headband as an accessory. A black moto jacket and black shoulder bag really tie the look together. I feel like this outfit is perfect for when you want to look put-together without wearing heels. 

How to style a skirt
Skirt and blazer

The next style is the skirt and a classic blazer. Blazers are such an important item of clothing to have in your wardrobe and it really gives the skirt a more sophisticated look. To make the blazer more fitted, I grabbed a belt and tied it around the waist. Rolling up the sleeves gives the outfit another touch of style, as does the envelope clutch. To add a pop of color, I paired the outfit with red ankle booties. 

Style a skirt for fall
Skirt and sweater

Lastly is a color-blocked, cropped sweater. I love the way the color block makes the whole outfit stand out. For shoes, I went with some casual ankle booties that match the plum tone of the sweater. The last touch to this outfit is a cross-body bag with gold chain details, which really elevates the style of the outfit. 

Fall skirt style

There you have it, guys! Four different styles using just one skirt. I hope this gave you some ideas on how to style your own favorite skirt. It’s amazing how many different outfits you can create out of the same piece of clothing! Do you have a favorite skirt that you just love to wear? Show me a picture in the comments! 

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