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I HAVE to get a show of hands to see how many people love/hate this overall trend going on? I will be the first to admit... "What is this?" was my first reaction, then I was on the hunt.

My issue is, well, I'm a mom, and with that comes, well, pooch. Then you had in a onesie and it tends to maximize that whooooollle area, and that is a "no" for me!

Until these... I found this tapered style and I can't stop wearing them! I sized up one size for a baggy feel and they work perfectly!

Also, the style possibility for these is endless! Casual (my favorite), dressier, or downright summer bum overalls can be styled in similar ways as jeans!

Basic (my favorite) minimalist style options. Simply throw on a plain white tank, or shirt (whatever your preference), and some sandals. I got these espadrilles here! Like I said the style possibilities are endless, especially with the simplest of items.

Outfit Details

You know I had to throw in a graphic tee right!? I picked an oversized one because no better feeling than feeling cozy! I did front tuck it into my bra so it didn't bunch in the wrong place, and it turned out awesome!

Outfit Details

Yes. Just Yes. I know it is about 10 million degrees outside, but there is something about a puff sleeve pullover that really sparks my inspiration when it comes to my closet. This one is cropped so no extra fabric, which made it easy to wear with the overalls.

Outfit Details

No matter what style you like, this overall trend is probably here to stay! Would you go for this trend or stay away??!!

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