2020 Outfit Ideas - Mixing Formal and Casual

I’ve always loved to mix casual wear and formal wear. I find that the end result comes out so unique and stylish! I got my inspiration from different pieces and magazines and hope that these outfits will inspire you to go on your own mix and match adventure too.

Casual wear and formal wear

Casual but trendy 

This first outfit is made up of some casual sweats and a classy blazer. My sweats are oversized and worn with a plain pair of white sneakers. I then add a matching blazer and a crossbody bag. I love how this outfit turned out. The mix is a little unexpected but so trendy. 

Mix casual wear and formal wear

Keep the blazer 

For another fun blazer look, switch your sweats out for some jeans and a zip-up sweatshirt. This look is a little cleaner than the sweat set and has a little more brightness to it. An unstructured blazer works best for these types of looks because they’re easiest to layer. 

Formal and casual wear

Make it edgy

Who knew you could wear a blazer on a night out too? For this edgier look, I went for an oversized sweater, a chic pair of leather pants, and strappy heels. I paired it with a dark black blazer and a crossbody bag and you’re good to go! This outfit is my favorite of the blazer bunch! If you ask me, it is the perfect mix of formal and casual. 

Easy 2020 outfit ideas

Embrace your sweatpants 

Sweatpants can be worn to work! This next outfit is proof of that. Pair your black bottoms with a white, button-down top and a pair of sandals or black sneakers. I then added a simple pouch to complete the look. You can switch out the shirt for different pieces and add a coat for a pop of color too. 

Basic outfit ideas

T-shirt style 

T-shirts are fantastic because they are so versatile. To make it fancy, simply pair it with a classic straight skirt. I chose a black leather skirt. I then added a crossbody bag and a pair of sneakers. If you are looking for something a little fancier, switch out your sneakers for some heels and see the way your outfit transforms.

Add a denim jacket

Add a denim jacket, slides, and a colorful purse for more of a day look! 

Switch your skirt for pants

Switch your skirt for pants 

If skirts aren’t your go-to, this outfit looks great with pants too. A pair of formal pants with a denim jacket will get you that gorgeous casual and formal mix that we’re going for. Again, wearing heels will take your outfit to that next level and keep your bottom looking formal! 

Add a blazer

Mess around with this look! Adding a blazer or some sneakers can change the look completely. Wear a belt or switch out the bag. Make it your own! 

Wear leggings as pants

Wear your leggings 

This look is inspired by a fashion magazine. You start by putting on a pair of plain leggings. Match it with a classic button-down shirt and then add a tweed jacket and some heels. This look is so stylish and an all-time favorite - especially because I’m wearing leggings instead of pants! 

Mix it up

A similar option is to switch your white shirt out for a black tee and replace the jacket with a blazer. I also switched the heels out for sneakers for a more casual look. 

Make it your own

Or wear a white tee with some matching white sneakers. Make it your own. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this look book, I know I enjoyed making it. These are just some basic outfit ideas with fun casual and formal twists. If this inspired you, I want to see your creations. Share your lookbook. 

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