4 Boho Chic & 4 Classic Minimalist Style Outfits

In this style guide, I wanted to dive into the theme of how powerful our clothes that are already in our closets can be when we want to change a look without shopping. I've taken four basic outfit formulas, and I'm going to style each formula both in a Bohemian way and in a more classic, refined, and timeless way. Let's take a look at each of the four looks, and I'll pull out the major themes and style elements of these two types of dressing as we go.

How to dress boho chic

Skirt and light top

The bohemian style is really a mishmash of different styles and references, and that goes with color as well. As you can see in the boho look, there are various colors in the outfit (from the scarf, the belt, the bag, the shoes), but all of the different elements - the colors and textures - sort of meld into each other. There isn't a striking, sharp contrast. When it comes to classic style, on the other hand, there are a lot more sharp contrasts to the eye, whether it's contrasting neutrals with each other or even neutrals with a pop of color. The black blazer creates quite a strong contrast and visual impact against the bronze skirt in the classic outfit here. The long flowy scarf in the boho look adds a little bit of drama and interest through movement. In contrast, classic style is a lot less dramatic in terms of proportion and volume, so proportions are very balanced.  

DIY boho chic style

Jeans and t-shirt

Layers play a pretty big part in a bohemian outfit, but layers don't necessarily have to be heavy. In the boho look here, I layered a whole bunch of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. A key theme to boho style is really embellished accents - fringe and tassels, all those little extra details that play up the volume. With classic style, one of the most prevalent things is the sense of structure in the silhouette. The blazer in this look really achieves that structure. I would be remiss if I did not mention a 70s influence in the bohemian style, and the tied shirt, long hair, and headscarf channels those Woodstock, hippy vibes.

Simple boho chic style

Print dress

Texture is huge in bohemian looks, and I think that the textures that resonate with this style are the textures that come across as being very organic and natural. The faux fur vest in the boho outfit here really brings that stunning textured effect. It's typical in boho style to find an abundance of prints. There's a lot of this artisanal or artistic sense and essence to these looks. On the other hand, the classic look is more understated, which can be seen here in the absence of layers and minimal accessories.

Basic boho chic style

Trousers and shirt

Tailoring is another key theme that you can find in classic style. Tailoring and well-fitted garments don't necessarily mean things like waist definition or elongating your legs; it just means that garments look as though they were made for you. That very much depends on the person, their body shape, and what assets they want to show off, and garments are tailored to their specific shape. I've achieved a tailored look here by simply tucking the top and adding a belt for waist definition. (Other simple tailoring features that you might find in classic looks are cuffing pant legs or cuffs on shirts).

So I've shown you how you can create both boho-inspired and classic looks using the same basic pieces from your wardrobe. The two styles have very different vibes to one another, and most people are more drawn towards one of them. I know that I personally am more of a classic dresser, yet that being said, I appreciate the beauty of the boho looks. Which style personality do you lean more towards - boho or classic?

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