How to Style Workwear: 4 Simple & Chic Outfit Ideas for the Office

In this lookbook, Giedre is going to show you how to style workwear with four sophisticated, office-appropriate outfits. If you want to look professional yet stylish at the same time, this is for you! Keep reading.

How to style workwear

1. Classic shirt and pencil skirt

For the first outfit, Giedre went for a classic look with a blue shirt and a black pencil skirt. She rolled the sleeves up, giving the shirt more structure and making it look more elevated.

Tucking it in at the waist also gives her silhouette more definition, and the black belt also adds a subtle accessory that draws attention to the slimmest part of her body.

The high heels in a nude color blend in with Giedre’s legs and help lengthen her appearance. She kept the accessories very minimal, with some pearl earrings and a classic silver watch.

To finish off, Giedre has a black bag. When creating a sophisticated look, it is very important to go for a bag with a structured appearance that won't lose its form and get bent out of shape. Going for a bigger bag also allows you to pop your laptop and any documents you might need inside.

What to wear to the office

2. Blouse with culottes

For the second look, Giedre went with some pleated culottes made from nice heavy fabric.

When clothes are in a heavy fabric, you can tell they are good quality and will serve you well for many years. The culottes are nice and flowy when she walks, and their A-line shape created by the wide legs gives her a flattering silhouette.

Up on top, she went for a red floral blouse and tucked it in at the waist, which, combined with the belt, adds some definition to her figure. The top is nice and bright, but the black pants and shoes help tone it down slightly and make it office-appropriate.

The blouse also has some touches of black in its design, which helps create a harmonious combination. For shoes, Giedre opted for some simple flats.

How to dress for the office

3. Checkered blazer

Up next, Giedre matched a simple white button-down blouse with a checkered blazer. She rolled the sleeves of the blazer up so that the cuffs of the blouse are peaking out the bottom for a stylish effect.

On the bottom, Giedre went for some gray pants in a skinny fit. The neutral color palette in this outfit looks very suave and sophisticated, and the pattern on the blazer adds some interest so that it doesn’t look bland.

For footwear, Giedre is wearing some black loafers with gold hardware, which also adds a nice little detail to the look. 

How to look stylish at work

4. Blazer and skirt combo

For the last outfit, Giedre popped on a pencil skirt. It has a white background with an abstract blue printed design on top. The soft colors on the skirt match perfectly with the pastel blush pink blouse.

The blouse is sleeveless, which allows Giedre to either wear it how it is or pop a blazer on top to add a bit more formality. For the summer months, make sure you go for a lightweight blazer as you don’t want to be sweating under a thick material. 

How to style workwear

There we have four stylish and professional-looking office-appropriate outfits. Dressing formally doesn’t mean having to let go of your personal style; you can easily incorporate your tastes and preferences into your workwear outfits.

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