Colorful Plaid Pants Outfit: How You Can Wear Them For Every Occasion

Truthfully a plaid pants outfit seems like something you would wear to work or an office. Yet this pair of plaid joggers are a knit material in the form of joggers that are as comfortable as sweats.

I think being able to wear our clothing items in many different ways and for many different occasions, makes a more positive approach to our closet. You may not think that all pieces could be versatile, but I bet you’d be surprised if try.


1-Professional: With a Blazer and Heels

2-Out to Brunch: With a Blouse and Boots

3-Running Errands: With a T-shirt and Sneakers

4-Date Night: With a Cami and Sandals

5- One more outfit is on the blog

Not only have I shown different occasions to wear these pants, but I tried to pair them with all different colors for variety. I used pink, blue, white, purple, and tan. Even with the neutral items, I used colorful accessories to give the outfits some interest.

Pants: Target ~~ Jacket: thrifted~~ Top: La Scala~~ Shoes: thrifted~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label

Colorful Work Plaid Pants Outfit

A smaller plaid type of criss-cross plaid is seen in many masculine pieces. It also stands out as a more professional print. That’s why I decided to wear it as a work outfit with a blazer and heels.

This outfit does incorporate print mixing with the floral blazer. If that seems too busy for you, it would work just as well with a solid-colored jacket.

I wore pink heels with this plaid pants outfit but many other types of shoes would be appropriate also.

Insider tip: We all showcased some options for footwear that was business-appropriate.

Pants: Target~~ Top: The Limited~~ Boots: Target~~ Earrings: Mariposa

Brunch Outfit

I always think of a brunch outfit as one that is stylish and modern. That’s why I paired these joggers with a print, bow-tie blouse.

I’ve layered this blouse in the past with a shorter, sequin cardigan and didn’t like how it looked. But this outfit is one that I love.

The half-tuck of the blouse creates a nicer proportion and seems more intentional than leaving it untucked.

Again, this incorporates print mixing in the look. It’s balanced since the plaid is a more subtle print, while the floral of the blouse is more obvious.

Insider tip: If you don’t want the drawstring tie to be front and center, just tuck it inside the pants. Notice I also used a brooch in the middle to look like a belt buckle.

White boots add a modern vibe to the darker look as opposed to black booties.

Pants: Target~~ Jacket: thrifted at Goodwill~~ Tee: FierceCon~~ Shoes: Belong Lifestyle~~ Headscarf: Gibby’s Frillery~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label

Plaid Pants Outfit Worn for Errands

The comfort detail of these plaid pant joggers makes them ideal for a casual everyday errand look. For at home, I threw on a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

Then when we went out to the store, I added a cropped trench coat over the t-shirt to keep warm.

My hair was a mess since I thought I was staying home, so I used a headscarf from Gibby’s Frillery. The advantage of these headscarves is they stay in place without bobby pins and come with the matching elastic to hold them behind your head. My code of Jodie20 gives you 20% off.

Since this plaid is more subtle, it works wonderfully to try out your print mix skills. That’s why I added the black and white animal print sneakers.

Pants: Target ~~ Top: preloved~~ Shoes: Unisa~~ Necklace: Amrita Singh (get a $10 coupon through my link)~~ Bracelet: Target ~~ Purse: DSW

Date Night

These pants would be ideal if you had a date after a workday where you didn’t have time to go change. For the workday, you could be wearing this outfit with a dark jacket and different shoes.

For your date night, you could throw off the jacket, switch out the footwear and add a statement necklace.

This camisole is a nice option because of the peplum hemline and ruffles at the top.

Make sure to check out the last outfit on the blog.

More About These Plaid Pants Outfit

These plaid pants were a pleasant surprise and very budget-oriented from Target. If you look at the Target website, you see that they come in solid colors also AND a variety of different plaids. My pair is the grey version. I would like to point out that the plaid versions look like regular pants yet the solid color pants do look more like joggers.

While most “joggers” have an elasticized hem, these don’t. These just have the pull-on waist along with the drawstring in front. The drawstring is not removable unless you cut it off. The reason you don’t see it in all of my outfits is that sometimes I tucked it inside the pants.

Insider tip: Notice I even placed a brooch at the waistline of the Brunch plaid pants outfit. We’ve shown examples of wearing a brooch at the waistline in the past.

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