4 Creative Ways of Styling Brogue Shoes


One of the things I am learning is to evaluate the item we may be struggling with to style, and try to describe it in other terms. For the idea of styling brogues I decided to think about trying to use them in all kinds of outfits.

What is a Brogue Shoe

There is a specific definition of a brogue shoe but when it comes to styling brogues, the definition is not important. What is important is how you perceive it and then trying to make it more versatile by changing that perception.

You could also call this shoe an oxford and to me, it’s a masculine shoe. But if you really analyze the shoe, it can be very similar to many ankle boots, loafers or even sneakers.

If you struggle with finding comfy shoes, this style could be for you.

Also, I have another pair of brogues that are apricot colored that I’ve worn before on the blog.

How I went about styling brogues

1-I started with the classic idea that if they are masculine, then you’d wear them to work with work pants.

2-Then I wanted to try a different classification and paired them with jeans.

3- This time I thought about showing off the shoes, so I wore them with a cropped pant. (Granted my work pants were somewhat cropped too)

4- Can you wear brogues with a skirt? For this experiment, I thought they’d look good with tights.

There's another way to style them here, but I didn't love that option as much with my look. However, that doesn't mean it's a failure. It just means I need to try again.

Insider tip: Not all brogues are created equal. This pair is very lightweight and I picked them up thrifting.

Brogues for Work

These shoes remind me of many of Rob’s shoes, and styling them as part of a “work outfit” includes a work pant.

What exactly is a work pant? This pair is like a pair I used to wear to work all the time as a dentist. Black and not too tight.

These brogues continue the theme of professional and somewhat dressy and are easy to wear for a full day of “working”.

Styling Brogues Casually

The opposite of working is playing or a more casual outfit. And nothing says casual like jeans. I think these shoes would look good with all jeans including blue denim, white ones or even grey.

Since the jeans are distressed and what I would consider VERY casual, I wore a nicer jacket for the top half.

Insider tip: Even though the color of the shoes and jacket don’t match, the shininess pulls them together nicely.

Show Off Your Shoes

We are seeing lots of cropped pants lately, and it will be a topic of discussion on the blog. I’m one who thinks you can wear any kind of shoe with cropped pants.

If you were to analyze the outfit as a “stylist”, you might say there are too many horizontal lines. But I think this idea is hogwash. Who cares how tall I look? Since when is taller better?

In fact, if you need some cheerleading, my Perfectly Imperfect post is a popular one.

Insider tip: Remember the only thing we should strive for when getting dressed is feeling good in what we wear. Not the fact that we look taller or skinnier!!

In my opinion, I thought this outfit was whimsical. And one of the comments on TikTok was she was obsessed with my outfit. (Actually she said upset, but I think it was an autocorrect because of the emojis).


As the idea to try styling brogues with a skirt, I figured if I match the tights to the shoes, it will all blend in and make it seem cohesive.

This is not unlike wearing your tights with ankle boots or even sneakers.

Insider tip: Even though I wore a black top, I tied a warm color scarf even closer to my face. This scarf is one of Gibby’s that is swimsuit material and they are basically only $10 with my code JodieTOS25W. Stretchy and comfy and easy to tie.

Make sure to check out the wild card way to style these same shoes and give me your ideas of how else I should wear them!

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