Shoes Like These Go With EVERYTHING (and Look Great)!

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We all have that one pair of shoes that seems to go great with every outfit.

And if you don't yet, I'm here to help you figure out exactly which type shoe that will be for you!

Let me introduce you to my most versatile shoe.

These are a simple pair of nude heels. It's their simplicity that makes them elegant. The nude color makes them versatile. Their lack of buckles and thin straps makes them feminine and dainty. And while most heels are not practical for everyday wear, these are extremely easy and comfortable because they slip on, the heel is thick, and the curve of the shoe isn't steep.

Here is how I style them:


This photo is no prank... I really do wear these shoes to walk my dog or grab a coffee. They make me feel put together when I really just threw up my damp hair and threw on a basic sweater.

Every day

This look is a little more out together but just as easy as the last look.

I can wear any accessory, like this green silk scarf, and it won't clash with the shoe!


Just because the heel is thick and low, and the shoe goes great with casual wear doesn't mean they don't transition well into an evening look...

They do!

Because they're dainty and neutral, they finish off any sophisticated look beautifully.

So keep these traits in mind when hunting for your next favorite pair of shoes.


Ms. Melior

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