Seven Different Ways to Style Converse High Tops

Giedre is back with another styling video! Today, she will be showing us how to style Converse high tops in seven different ways. From chic and sophisticated to young and fun, these effortless Converse high top styles will enhance your wardrobe, and show you just how versatile these classic sneakers truly are.

How to style Converse high tops

Blue jeans

The first option is the simplest and most obvious: Converse and blue jeans. For this look, Giedre added a belt to define her waist and tucked in her t-shirt just a bit in the front, to keep the vibe of the outfit relaxed. If you’re into blazers, this is a great opportunity to include that element in your look, as Giedre does here. For a pop of color, she chose a deep red bag. And for a touch of sophistication, she finalized the look with thin-framed glasses.

Styling Converse high tops

Suit it up

A suit is another great and easy option to style your Converse sneakers or any other pair of sneakers. The oversized suit Giedre chose for this look is a vintage suit from the nineties. A couple of rubber bands around her arms help to keep the sleeves of her jacket scrunched up, for a cool, relaxed vibe. The color of her gorgeous teal leather bag perfectly complements the gray of the suit. 

Basic Converse high tops style

Romantic dress

And now for something completely different. Here, Giedre paired her Converse sneakers with a flowy, romantic dress with a thigh-high slit. It’s not always simple to wear high tops with a dress, but the length of this dress with the addition of the slit makes this look work perfectly. She added a belt to accentuate her waist, and a cute red bag to bring in a little fun and color. 

Effortless Converse high tops style

Total white

A totally white outfit is a really cool and interesting way to style your Converse high tops. Many women are afraid of wearing white because they are afraid that it will make them look bigger than they actually are. To avoid that, Giedre shows us how to use different shades of white to create depth. Her trousers and vest are off-white, while her t-shirt is a bright white. A bold, gold, statement necklace frames her face, and a bag with contrasting black straps completes the look while keeping with the monochrome theme. 

Easy Converse high tops style

Black trousers

Everyone has black trousers, and they’re a practical and easy option for pairing with your sneakers. For this look, Giedre paired her black trousers with a satin cami and silk button-down. She tucked in her shirt crisscrossed in the front, without buttoning it to make the look a little more interesting. A black belt with gold hardware not only helps to accentuate her waist, but also helps to hold the blouse in place. She chose identical gold bracelets for each wrist, a black fedora, and a statement black-and-white leopard print purse for accessories. 

High slit skirt

Giedre prefers not to wear short skirts or dresses, so she chose a skirt with a high slit to help balance the proportions when pairing her sneakers with a midi-length skirt. To add a little sophistication to the look, she topped it off with a black blazer and a few gold accessories. And that’s all that's needed for a youthful, playful, fun outfit.

A-line shorts

For the last look, Giedre chose wide-legged shorts to go with her Converse high tops. To balance the bare legs, she paired the shorts with a button-down shirt, which she tied in the front. This is a fun contrasting combination of neutral bottoms and an attention-grabbing top. For a summer vibe, and to complete the outfit, she added a straw cloche hat. 

How do you style your sneakers? Which easy Converse high tops style in this lookbook did you like best?  

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