7 Different Short Styles For Summer & How to Wear Them

Here I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite short styles to wear for summer. There are many options out there, so I’m going to help you find the pair of shorts that make you love the skin you’re in.

For a long time, I felt very insecure about my legs, and I wasn’t comfortable wearing shorts because I thought my legs were ugly. And if I was judging them, then that meant that everybody else was judging them, right?

This was until I started pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and just wore shorts even though I felt uncomfortable in them for a while.

Some of the shorts that I’m about to show you come in different lengths and styles so you can figure out what will make you feel the most comfortable and most confident to show those beautiful legs of yours.

Bermuda shorts outfit

1. Bermuda shorts

First up, Bermuda shorts. Bermudas are long-line shorts that typically hit at the knee or slightly above the knee.

These are more of a conservative option. They're great if you don’t want to show too much leg or you’re working up the confidence to wear shorter shorts. They’re essentially a great way to dip your toes into the world of shorts.

These ones are loose-fit and flowy, but you can find Bermudas in many different styles.

Different short styles for women

If you think Bermuda shorts can’t look chic, it’s all about how you style them guys. You can dress them up for a night out, like this, and even make them look a little bit sexy, depending on what top you style them with.

What kind of shorts are in style?

2. A-line shorts

Not too different from A-line skirts, these shorts are fitted at the waist and then slowly taper out. 

These ones are actually my favorite pair of shorts that I own. I love that they’re not too short and hit about mid-thigh, and I love the tear on the side of one of the legs. 

How to wear A-line shorts

I find A-line shorts flattering because they’re still fitted at the waist and flare out around the hips, so it adds some volume to the hips. As somebody with wider shoulders, I love this because it balances me out.

You can find A-line shorts in different lengths too.

High-waisted shorts outfit

3. Mom-jean shorts

As a lover of mom jeans, it’s only natural that I love mom-jean shorts. This style is usually high-waisted and a bit more fitted than A-line shorts, but they’re a bit baggier on your hips.

Most mom-jean shorts are a shorter length; I have not found many that are mid-length or longer. The inseam is typically around 2-3 inches.

These shorts are a great option for us long-torso ladies because they make your legs look longer and your torso look shorter due to the higher rise.

Mom jean shorts outfit

If you’re looking for more coverage, I love pairing these with an oversized button-up shirt during the summer, so you can still highlight your legs while having more coverage in the back.

How to style shorts for summer

4. Flowy shorts

What I mean by flowy shorts is shorts that aren’t too structured and are more of a loose fit. They are usually in more lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or even linen.

These ones are in an A-line style, and I love the bright floral pattern on them. It’s just so fun, and it makes me smile. 

Cute shorts summer outfit

I love this style because it’s perfect for those hot summer days when you want to wear something a bit more breathable.

Of course, you can easily find a pair in a more neutral color, or you can embrace an explosion of color and go for a bright outfit like this one.

Wide-leg shorts outfit

5. Wide-leg shorts

I know these don’t look too dissimilar from flowy shorts, but the difference is in the silhouette. These have a very exaggerated wide-leg and almost look like a skirt from far away.

You can find these in different lengths and styles too, even in tailored styles that are more structured and rigid. 

How to wear wide-leg shorts

Again, these are so comfortable for those hot summer days because they’re loose fit. It’s also a great option if you don’t find fitted shorts very comfortable.

Black shorts outfit

6. Tailored shorts

Tailored shorts are the business-casual version of shorts. They are essentially short trousers. You can find these in many lengths, including knee-length styles.

These are my favorite style of shorts if I want to be comfortable but still look dressy. 

How to wear tailored shorts

Tailored shorts make your outfit look very sleek and polished, and there are many ways you can style them as well. You can wear them with a fitted top or a loose-fit top.

I love styling these with a loose-fit, button-up shirt like this one and then tucking the front of the shirt into the shorts.

How to wear short shorts

7. Short shorts

Last but certainly not least, the infamous short shorts, also called hotpants. I was never comfortable wearing these when I was younger, mainly because they show a lot of leg, and I was insecure about my legs. But you know what - I own a pair now!

Short styles tutorial

Because the inseam for short shorts is, well, pretty short, they can make your legs look like they’re miles long, which I love, but again don’t wear these if you don’t feel comfortable in them. 

Short styles tutorial

I hope this lookbook has filled you in on the different short styles out there and encourages you to try on different styles of shorts and figure out what makes you feel the happiest.

Wear things that you love; you don’t have to force yourself to wear a pair of short shorts if you don’t feel comfortable yet.

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