7 Black Booties Outfits: How to Wear Different Styles of Ankle Boots

I feel like your wardrobe is not complete if you do not have a pair of black booties in it. Here I’m going to show you three different types of black botties and different ways to style them.

I hope you enjoy these black booties outfits! Let’s get started with the first pair.

Chunky black booties

1. Chunky heel

First up, we have a pair of low-cut booties with a nice chunky heel.

I love that they have a croc-embossed print, but I feel that that print is also super subtle as you can only notice it from quite close up; this makes the boots very versatile.

How to style black ankle boots

For look one, I’ve styled them with a pair of nude pants and a sleeveless nude top. The two tones are different, but the beauty of dressing in nude, neutral colors like this is that you can easily pair different tones together.

The black booties in this look give it a nice chic vibe.

To add another layer, I put on a black moto jacket. The black of the booties, jacket, belt, and purse all tie together to create a harmonious and balanced look. They also contrast nicely against the lighter colors of the clothing.

Styling black booties with shorts

Here, I’ve styled the booties with a pair of leather shorts to show you that they can work with shorts as well as pants. I added a mustard yellow cardigan to bring some color to the look.

How to wear leather boot with leather leggings

In this look, I’m wearing a pair of faux-leather leggings, a black long-sleeved top, and a vest with a houndstooth print to add some flare.

The leather material of the pants looks great next to the boots, and I really like incorporating multiple leather pieces into an outfit.

A black crossbody bag with a gold chain finishes off the look.

Black sock booties

2. Sock booties

These next booties are in more of a sock style, and they have a clear heel that looks very elevated and expensive.

Black sock booties outfit with a leather skirt

In this look, I’ve styled the booties with a black leather midi skirt that I’m wearing with a black sleeveless top. In addition, I layered a yellow blazer over the top, which gives the outfit a pop of color.

Even though there is quite a bit of black in this look, the different materials and textures keep it looking fresh.

How to wear sock booties

Here I’ve styled them with another leather piece, this time a pair of leather pants. I added a blazer again, although this time in a different style; this one is tweed.

I went ahead and buttoned the blazer up and also added a belt to accentuate my figure.

I love how this outfit has color and print in it, and the black shoes and accessories help keep it looking sophisticated. 

Dressy sock booties outfit

For the third look, I wanted to show you something super dressy.

Here, I’ve paired the booties with a flowy, maxi-length skirt with a dalmatian print and a black top that has a sheer style of the sleeves, giving it a nice elevated touch.

The long length of the skirt hides the top of the boots, which adds a stylish little touch.

Black boho booties

3. Boho booties

This last pair of booties have more of a boho, western style.

Boho black booties outfit

Here I’ve styled them with a white boho style skirt and a white button-down shirt. I also added a black belt that I feel has that western style that matches perfectly with these boots and the vibe that I’m trying to create.

How to style black booties outfits

I hope you like the black booties outfits that I styled for you as well as the different boots. Whatever your personal style, there is a pair of black booties out there to suit.

Let me know in the comments which style of boots were your favorite.

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  • Cathy Connorton Cathy Connorton on Mar 24, 2022

    I loved the sock booties with the red leather slacks and tweed jacket-great on you. Also, the dressy chiffon sleeved top with the silky white print skirt. Gotta say, I go for the boho boots with the western woven skirt white man-tailored shirt! I'd buy that.