Hot Fall Trends: How to Style Loafers

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In today’s tutorial, I’m going to be showing you one of my favorite fall shoe trends — the trend of chunky loafers.

Fall fashion is in full effect and the loafers are one of my favorites this season. They’re super comfy, super chic, and there are so many different ones you can get, so I’ll be showing you how to style loafers of all different kinds. Let’s get started!

How to style black loafers

1. How to style black loafers

These are your classic, black loafers, the kind you can wear to the workplace or a casual dinner. These loaders are your go-to, everyday type of shoe.

I love how comfy they are, and they’re super stylish. They have a Croc-embossed print all over them, as well as a chain detail on the front. They remind me of penny loafers and this style emulates that old-school style a lot. 

How to style black loafers

For the outfit, I’m pairing the loafers with a pair of leather pants and a casual white sweater.

These are super classic, and this is a look you can wear to the office, to a casual dinner, or for any type of outing. With these loafers, you can never go wrong, and the possibilities are endless.

To finish off the look, I added a light layer and a black purse. This is a super simple and chic outfit, and you don’t lose your comfort since the loafers are super comfy.

How to style chunky loafers

2. How to style chunky loafers

These next loafers are a trendier type of loafer. They have a chunky heel on the bottom which is a trend this season.

These here are in a patent leather material and are very similar to the other ones in that they have a gold chain detail in the front. This chain is a bit bigger and more out there, though.

These are another pair of comfortable loafers, and I can walk in them all day. I love trends, especially the chunky loafers trend, that provide comfort and loafers definitely do that.

How to style chunky loafers

For this outfit, I’m pairing it with a pair of fitted satin trousers, and a black top, and then adding a pop of color with a cropped pink blazer.

The loafers give it a quirky, trendy touch which is a very different style compared to the first loafers.

How to style tan loafers

3. How to style tan loafers

The next loafers I’m sharing are a mix of the last two. They have a structured style that gives it the classic vibe while the bottom has a chunky heel making it trendier, so these shoes are the best of both worlds.

How to style tan loafers

For the outfit, I’m pairing it with a printed skirt and a blazer. This look can work in and out of the office. 

How to style loafers

Here’s what I love about loafers; you can pair them with so many different things like short skirts, long skirts, trousers, and wide-leg pants. The possibilities are endless. I love a good pair of shoes that are comfy and can give me multiple outfits from them.

Let me know down below if you’re more into the trendy or classic style of loafers!

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