3 Cute Over-the-knee Boots Outfit Ideas

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Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to be showing you how to style over-the-knee boots for the winter.

Follow along to learn how I incorporate over-the-knee boots in 3 stylish and comfortable outfits.

White lug sole boots

1. White lug sole boots

These are probably not the over-the-knee boots you had in mind. But these lug sole boots are some of my favorites for winter.

The way I’m styling these comfortable and trendy boots is with a pair of leather shorts. I added a pair of hosiery for warmth, plus the boots keep my legs from getting too cold.

I added a color-block sweater and for outerwear, a classic black peacoat, but any long black coat would work.

To finish off the look, add a black bag with metallic details.

White lug sole boots outfit

2. Classic white boots

These off-white beauties are a great substitute for your classic, black boots. I love the bold, metal details. 

Classic white boots

The base of this outfit is a pair of black, mom jeans which I tucked into the boots. These boots are great because you can scrunch them up to suit your outfit, as I did here.

I’ve balanced off the baggier jeans with a form-fitting, nude tank top and a thin, leather belt.

Add a printed blazer for warmth. Blazers are an excellent way to complete an outfit, and I think every woman should have one in their wardrobe.

Finish off the look with a small, over-the-shoulder bag. 

Classic white boots outfit

3. Classic black boots

Black boots are a great wardrobe staple, so of course I’ve included them in the line-up for today.

Classic black boots

Start off with a pair of skinny jeans and an emerald green, cropped sweater for winter weather.

To make a statement, I’ve layered on a faux fur jacket with faux leather trim.

For my ladies who feel this jacket is a bit over the top, you can definitely swap it out for a moto jacket or a peacoat. Match your boots with a black belt and purse.

Classic black boots outfit

Over-the-knee boots outfit

I hope you found these over-the-knee boot outfits inspiring!

If you own a pair of over-the-knee boots, you don’t need to buy lots of pieces to work with because you can use basic items from your existing wardrobe.

Show us your over-the-knee boot looks in the comments below!

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