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6 fine over the knee boots outfits

Are you one of those people who has always wanted to own over-the-knee boots but have been afraid they won’t look good on you? or that you won’t know what to wear them with? Well, I used to be one of those people. I stared at women walking by in gorgeous over-the-knee boots and envied them. Why can’t I pull this off? Oh, I know why. My legs are too short and too fat, and I will look like a scarecrow in those boots. All wrong thoughts.

Finally, I decided to simply go ahead and order a pair of those boots and try them with a few clothes that I already owned. To my biggest surprise, I loved the way I looked in OTK books. Yes, I am not tall and I don’t have long legs but I will share a secret with you. You do not need long legs to look fabulous in OTK boots. Trust me, once you try them on, you will keep wanting to put them on over and over again. Why? Because, people will simply not want to take their eyes off you.

Over-the-knee boots have this magic power that attracts attention and retains it.

If you don’t like attention and don’t want to feel noticed.. Well, then don’t wear OTK boots. It’s that simple. Those boots are powerful magnets.

Anyway, with no further due, let’s dive into WHAT to wear with OTK boots and share 6 fine over-the-knee boot outfits.

Mini skirt

Classic. Never goes out of style. Always flattering, classy yet casual look with very little effort. The skirt can be styled with a sweater or a tee with a moto jacket. The key is to keep the length of the skirt above the knee. Otherwise, no one will see your gorgeous boots.

Love Vince Camuto OTK Boots! Faux suede material makes them very soft and comfortable to wear. This super lightweight ruffle skirt goes perfect with these boots and the crewneck pullover sweater.

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This faux suede high-waist skirt is so soft and fits so well! It ends right above the knee which is perfect for what? Over-the-knee boots, that’s right! I mean, how amazing are these boots? Not only do they look fantastic, they feel even better. Unlike other boots, these don’t slide down when you walk. Just pair these boots and skirt with a popcorn sweater and a wool fedora hat – and your over-the-knee outfit is ready to go!

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Obviously, who wouldn’t think of this idea, right? Mini dress and OTK boots make for a perfect marriage. Sweater dresses have been my favorite lately. I am always cold, so they keep me warm while maintaining the perfect look I am shooting for. Perfect date night outfit!

Love these Vince Camuto OTK Boots! Comfort meets style with Sweater dress designed with pretty puff sleeves adding a trendy touch. An easy look that’s sure to become a go-to style for the cool season ahead.

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Faux leather leggings are in style again. They are the best sellers of all types of leggings. And what else is great about them? They pair well with over-the-knee boots. If you want to go for a flattering look but without the inconvenience of a mini dress, leather leggings are a perfect choice.

Vince Camuto OTK Boots! Balloon sleeves ruffled super soft sweater along with faux leather leggings make a beautiful statement.

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Another faux leather leggings outfit inspo features trendy faux leather leggings, over-the-knee-boots, a crop top and a striped draped cardigan kimono. Just grab a Kate Spade bag and you are ready for your date!


Goes without saying.. Jeans are so versatile. They go well with virtually any footwear. For OTK boots you would want to pick skinny stretchy jeans so they fit well in your boots. As for the top, here the possibilities are simply endless. Tee and a cardigan, sweater, cami and blazer, blouse. You name it!

Perfect fall look. Camel faux suede over-the-knee-boots, jeggings, a cami and a striped draped cardigan kimono.

I hope I’ve inspired you to get out of your comfy zone and go for OTK boots! Try one of these 6 fine over the knee outfits and you will be sure to fall in love with these boots!

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