3 Cute Dress and Sneakers Outfit Ideas

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In this lookbook, I'm going to be showing you how to style sneakers with dresses.

In my opinion, sneakers and dresses go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are a great outfit pairing that creates comfortable yet chic outfits. Let’s get started with these dress and sneakers outfit ideas.

White sneaker

First up, I’ll be styling a pair of white sneakers that have a little bit of color on the back and a silver trim on the side. 

White sneakers outfit

1. White sneakers

For the first look, I’ve paired the sneakers with a red sleeveless dress in a rib knit style.

I layered a cropped knit sweater with a high neck over the top, which is a great way to style your sleeveless dresses in the winter. It allows you to still wear your sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses and stay warm.

This is a great let's-go-run-some-errands outfit or outfit for any type of casual weekend outing.

For the outerwear, I’ve opted for a black biker jacket that I’ve coordinated with a little black bag that has gold details on it.

I really like the combination of black, white, and bright red. I think they are a timeless blend.

Beige sneakers

The next sneakers that I'm sharing with you are for my ladies, who love a little trendy touch in their sneakers.

These sneakers are beige with a golden chain detail on the front that is super unique and instantly dresses up the sneaker.

They also have quite a chunky sole, unlike the last pair which was flatter.

Beige sneakers outfit

2. Beige sneakers

I’ve styled these sneakers with an all-black maxi dress in a bodycon style.

For the outerwear piece, I added a green faux leather jacket. I wanted to keep the look super simple.

I personally feel like dress outfits are easy to style because, honestly, all you need is footwear, outerwear, and your purse, and you're out the door.

To finish off this look, I added a black cross-body bag. The olive green adds a nice touch of color but in a low-key way because of the dark tone.

Chunky white sneaker

The third pair of sneakers is a good mix of the first two types of sneakers that I shared with you.

These sneakers are both classics but also a little trendy, and they do have that chunky bottom just like the last ones. They also have some snake print on the side, but as the print is subtle and the sneakers are white, you can pair them with absolutely anything.

If you want sneakers that are classic but also trendy, this pair has the best of both worlds. 

Chunky white sneakers outfit

3. Chunky white sneakers

I’ve styled the sneakers with a plaid black and white dress. This dress here is one of those dresses that is a bit too short to wear with absolutely nothing underneath, but it's also too long to wear with jeans.

Here, I’ve paired it with leggings and it works perfectly. The sneakers give the outside a casual weekend vibe, something very comfy.

For the outerwear piece, I kept it super simple with a black oversized faux leather jacket. It is super chill and has a nice loose fit.

To finish off the look, I added a black backpack that is very chic and pairs perfectly with the outfit. I also love the gold zipper on the front.

3 dress and sneakers outfit ideas

Pairing sneakers with a dress is a great way to both elevate the sneakers and make a dress more casual.

I hope this lookbook has given you some ideas for sneakers and dress outfits that you can create. Let me know which pair of shoes is your favorite in the comments below!

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