How I Build My Style From 3 Wardrobe Essentials

A Small Wardrobe
by A Small Wardrobe

I absolutely love knowing that I have a specific style and that I have created a clothing silhouette to suit my body and personality. I have 3 essential pieces in my wardrobe that have totally inspired the way I dress and the different outfits I put together no matter the season. I love that I am always comfortable and cohesive when I get dressed thanks to these 3 items of clothing. If you want to learn how I build my style using three of my wardrobe essentials, this tutorial is for you.

Classic wardrobe essentials
Style using Blundstones

Let’s talk about my Blundstones! I absolutely love having this bulky and sturdy pair of shoes. I always say if you don’t know what style you are going for, start with a pair of shoes that you love wearing. 

Buy similar sandals

Inspired by my Blundstones, I actually purchased a similar pair of shoes for the summer. These sandals have a thick sole, are bulky, and have great support. They also have that chunky look about them that I just love. I think it’s important to have a cohesive style in the summer and winter and these sandals can be worn with almost anything I wear my Blundstones with.

Pair with a slinky skirt

The outfit I have chosen to wear to represent by Blundstone boot style is actually more feminine than you would probably expect. I love mixing these chunky shoes with some more feminine pieces.

Create a summer version

This look can easily be translated into a more summer suited version by popping on my Doc Martin sandals. 

Minimalist wardrobe essentials
Style using a slinky midi-skirt

I have actually bought a few of these skirts in different colors. People often say, don’t duplicate but I disagree. I think that if you find a piece that is totally your style and works as your clothing silhouette, why not buy more than one?

Buy duplicates

This is one of the other similar style skirts I have in my closet. I always love to wear a midi skirt, I mostly stick to mid-colors and I just love a slinky material whether it be silk or viscose.

Pair with a white shirt

Here I have paired this skirt with a white button-down. These gorgeous midi-skirts have definitely pushed me to style my outfits using separate pieces as opposed to just wearing one long piece. 

Women’s wardrobe essentials
Style using a jacket

My third wardrobe essential which totally inspires my style is this patterned jacket. I actually thrift flipped this piece and removed any embellishments or flairs. I adore how plain and simple this piece is and I love that it is oversized. I originally thought this would be a piece that I would only wear around the house but now it is one of my all-time favorites that inspires my style every day.

Wear mid-tones

Here I have paired my jacket with some loose pleated pants and a slinky shirt. I love sticking to mid-tones in all my outfits. This jacket is usually the only patterned piece I wear and I love how comfy and warm it is.  

Essential wardrobe pieces

I love my 3 wardrobe essentials! What are some of your essential pieces that inspire your style? Let me know in the comments below! 

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