4 Ways to Wear Burgundy Clothes

After purchasing some really nice burgundy pants, I gained some inspiration. I went through my closet and found some other pieces in similar colors and knew I had to make a tutorial. The winter months are here and burgundy is a perfect color for the cold. So, here it is; how to style burgundy clothes!

How to wear burgundy clothes

Make trendy simple 

As you all know, I am very into trendy minimalism. This outfit reflects that. I love how trendy and stylish it looks, while still being deceivingly simple to throw together. All this outfit is, is a long-sleeved black top, burgundy wide-leg pants, black leather patent leather pumps, and a beige trench coat. Then, I added a little flair with a gold chain necklace, some gold hoops, and a black clutch bag.

Burgundy women’s clothes

Mix your textures 

This outfit is a little more creative than the last one. I started with the same basic blacktop from the last outfit, but this time I paired it with some plain black shorts (for colder weather add tights). Next, I added a brown blazer for a pop of color and this gorgeous leopard print scarf. Finally, I pulled the outfit together with some suede burgundy boots, gold hoops, and again, my trusty black clutch bag!

Burgundy clothes styling

Mix your colors 

This outfit came to be by accident - I just put it on and knew it was the perfect outfit to show. I started with the same black shorts and burgundy boots from the last outfit but switched out the black shirt for a burgundy turtleneck. I then added a red blazer with some cuffed sleeves and knew I had something great! I kept the same accessories as before - including the clutch bag - and admired the way it all came together. Personally, I am loving the red on red look! 

Style burgundy clothes

Go big or go home 

For this last look, I committed to the burgundy adventure. I am wearing all burgundy everything. I have on an oversized burgundy turtleneck sweater, with some wide-legged burgundy pants and of course my burgundy suede boots. This time I even traded my black clutch bag for a burgundy purse. The only thing that isn’t burgundy in this outfit is my gold earrings! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. I personally had a lot of fun pulling pieces out of my closet to create new looks. Hopefully, this gave you guys some inspiration on styling burgundy clothes and leads to plenty of new outfits for this winter season. 

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