4 Ways to Wear a Skirt, and Only 1 Way is as a Skirt

Upstyling is a great idea to give pieces more love, but finding ways to wear the same item but differently is also fun.

Since the item was originally made to hang a certain way you might not think it would work to attempt these ideas. Yet making our mind work like this is actually considered brain health. You are building new pathways which is beneficial.

In fact, there are really 5 ways to transform this skirt. See the 5th way on the blog post.

Granted this will not work with every skirt in your closet. But if you have an elastic waistband skirt, I bet you can make it magical just like mine. You have seen this skirt before on the blog when I  wore it here (as a skirt, of course). And kudos to my mom for making this skirt for me. Maybe you recognize this material?  Charlotte, Nancy and I all have items from this material as you can see in this post.

The secret? Stop categorizing clothing items. Sure, this was made as a skirt, but instead of thinking of it as a skirt, describe it instead. Basically it's a circular piece of material with 2 openings. Now what can you do with that?

Skirt Basics

One reason I love this skirt is because it’s so bright and colorful. And it’s loose and cool for the summer months.

Ways to Wear a Skirt as a Top

Now here is the idea that came from a friend. Wearing a skirt as a top. Depending on how swingy your skirt is, you might even be able to wear it loose.

I chose to gather mine in the front with a hair elastic. The knot could also be place on each side (or in the back if you prefer).

Insider tip: I use orthodontic elastics quite a bit to tie up tops. But this skirt had more material, so it’s good to have  hair elastics even if your hair is short.

Scarf Love

After I was armed with the idea of making the skirt into a top, I couldn’t stop there. It reminded me of the time I  changed my sleeveless top into a scarf.

Depending on how your skirt is made, you can do this two ways:

1– Put your head through the waistband like it was an infinity scarf. Then gather up the extra material and wrap it around the front. This is how I wore mine below.

2– Lay your skirt flat and grab diagonal ends with your fingers. One hand should be on the waistband, and the other diagonally across on the hem of the skirt. Roll it up and then drape it around you neck. You will have to attach the two ends together. This can be done with a  scarf magnet or a safety pin.

Decorate Your Hat

The realization that this skirt could be a scarf, made me grab my hat and put it around the brim. This is not a  new idea by any means…for a scarf. Yet as you can see, it’s fabulous for this skirt too. I also used the hair elastic to gather the extra material.

Now don't think this is it. There is another example on my blog post of how to wear this same "skirt", and I bet you can think of other ways too if you get creative.

Have I got you thinking? Just remember, it’s your clothing item and you can make it whatever you want.

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Jodie Filogomo
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  • Diana Diana on Jun 19, 2023

    I couldn’t help but see it as a belt when I saw the white dress. In that photo you used it to decorate your hat! Great ideas!

  • Jodie Filogomo Jodie Filogomo on Jun 19, 2023

    Thanks for the positive comment, Diana. I just love it when clothing is truly so versatile.