Wear 1 Satin Skirt 6 Ways

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior
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Who doesn't love a versatile wardrobe?

There is nothing better than introducing a piece into your wardrobe that can be worn an infinite number of ways. But the truth is... that's most items!

And I'm here to show you how easy it can be.

Here are six ways to wear one knee-length skirt (mine is made of a stiff satin, but any skirt in your wardrobe can be worn similarly!)

Whenever I get a new clothing item, I try to image how I would style it to different events, both casually and formally...

Whenever I'm styling a piece to be more casual, I lean towards lighter colors, like white. Long sleeves are typically more formal, and when paired with heels (the outfit on the far left) it can be perfect for a semi-formal event, like afternoon drinks or an office event. When paired with sneakers (center photo) you'll look casual but still very classy.

Opt for short sleeves, like this tank top, if you really want to dress casual.

I favor dark tones when dressing for more formal events. Again, long sleeves for more a more dressed-up look (far left photo) and a neck scarf to make the outfit more interesting. The center photo is formal, but day wear, given away by the sleeveless crop top. The sunglasses and scarf make a for a fun vintage look. Notice that the black tank top is the most casual of all, but because it's a dark color, it's still more formal than the white.

And for an overly formal "ball gown" event, pair the skirt with a dressy, attention-grabbing top... like this all-glitter one.

Which look was your fav?


Ms. Melior

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