Christmas Tree Shopping Outfits FOUR Ways

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
1 Week

Did you leave Christmas tree shopping for last minute? Well I got some cute outfits for you and mini!

OUTFIT # 1: Red long sleeve Ts with dark jeans, white vest and camel shoes!

This one might be my favorite because we basically have the exact same outfit on. Why is everything so much cuter in a miniature version?

OUTFIT # 2: Sherpas and antler hats!

What pops better on green then the color red? I found this warm Sherpa which is just so cozy and wore light jeans with my ear muffs!

Little has a sherpa vest that matched perfectly so we went with red pants to match mine. The antler hat was a must this holiday season!

OUTFIT # 3: creams, navy and cranberry!

Got the husband involved for this one... he is not as passionate as matching as I am icon

I saw this dress for the bean that I thought was just adorable and had a lot of colors to pull from. So I started there and then went with a lot of cream color but pulled the cranberry in the dress on my skirt and the checkered button down my husband has on under is sweater.

OUTFIT # 4: Pink and leopards!

If you have been following me, you know I can't do outfit options without incorporating some pink and leopard print something or other!

I might be obsessed with these hats! Gray coat for me to match her hat and leopard rain boots since tree shopping can get muddy!

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