How to Wear a Poncho

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

I recently discovered the joy of the poncho, that blanket-like covering, once popular in the 1960s and ‘70s and on the shoulders of Clint Eastwood in his Dollars trilogy westerns that included “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

The poncho originated in South America but has been picked up off and on by counterculture and mainstream fashionistas. Most recently, Jo-Lo has been spotted sporting a poncho prompting questions of a resurgence.

I decided to give ponchos a go this winter and play with styling them in different ways. So here are some ideas for how to wear a poncho.

Belt Your Poncho

The great thing about ponchos is that you can pretty much throw them over anything for some extra warmth and to add another layer and some interest to your outfit, especially if the poncho comes in a fun print or texture. But sometimes, you might feel they are a little too loose and can come across as frumpy or sloppy. If that’s the case, simply add a belt. With this poncho, the sides are open, so I could belt just the front half and let the back hang loose like a cape. I also added a bright scarf to the v-neck to ward off the cold.

Wear A Poncho Over a Coat

When you have to wear a coat every day because of the cold, it can get a little boring, especially if you have just one good puffy or wool black coat that everyone else has. A poncho can really spice up your daily coat game by draping over it. Not only will it serve to keep you extra warm, but it can also add some style to the same-coat blues.

Wear a Poncho Loose and Free

Wearing a poncho just on its own is a surefire way to add some fun to your look. You can spice up a plain outfit with a fun print, color or texture or add a neutral over an outfit with a lot of print and color to have an extra layer. And what’s great is they can carry you through the seasons. Wear one on cool summer nights over a t-shirt. Add some warmth in spring and fall by wearing one over a long-sleeve shirt and double your warmth by putting one over a sweater or coat in the winter. The poncho is your year-round friend!

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So now that you know how to wear a poncho, will you try one?

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