How to Make a Beautiful Poncho With Flower Details

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a beautiful poncho with flower details. This isn’t a rain poncho – it’s a pretty, linen fashion piece to add to your wardrobe.

Follow along to get the sewing pattern for this poncho and the step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY poncho, that you can wear with or without a hood.

Tools and materials:

  • Linen fabric
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Bias tape
  • Buttons
  • Sewing machine
Making the poncho sewing pattern

1. Make the poncho sewing pattern

Start with a 110 x 70-centimeter (43.3 x 27.6-inch) rectangle of linen fabric.

Mark 43 centimeters (16.9 inches) along both long edges from the left side.

Making the poncho sewing pattern

On the left short edge, mark 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) from the top and make a 17-centimeter (6.7-inch) diagonal line in from the bottom-left corner.

Making the poncho sewing pattern

Draw a curved line to connect the 20-centimeter (7.8-inch) mark, the end of the diagonal line, and the 43-centimeter (16.9-inch) mark on the bottom edge.

Making the poncho sewing pattern

Now, make a 27-centimeter (10.6-inch) mark from the bottom on the right edge and connect the curve up to that mark.

Making the poncho sewing pattern

Mark 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) from the right edge along the top and connect it to the curve on the right edge.

Draw a 35-centimeter (13.8-inch) horizontal line from the top of the curve on the left edge toward the center of your pattern, and cap that line with an 8-centimeter (3.1-inch) line.

Extend the cap lines out another 16 centimeters (6.3 inches), and close that cap, curving all four corners. 

Making the poncho sewing pattern

Go over all the outside lines and the cap in darker pencil. 

Making the poncho sewing pattern

This is the pattern you will cut out from your fabric.

Cutting fabric

2. Cut your fabric

Fold your fabric in half and place the top edge of the pattern on the fabric fold. Trace and cut the pattern from your fabric.

Progress shot

This is what your poncho fabric will look like.

Progress shot

3. Bind the edges

Pin and sew bias binding around the whole outer edge of your poncho and around the armhole edges, encasing the edges between the layers of the bias tape.

Marking the flower positions

4. Mark the flower positions

On the curved edge of your poncho, mark 3 points: 28-centimeters (11 inches) up from the center, and 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) out on each side of that.

That is where you will position your flowers.

Making decorative flowers

5. Make decorative flowers

From the same linen fabric, mark and cut 15 squares measuring 15 x 15 centimeters (6 x 6 inches) each.

Making decorative flowers

Fold each centimeter into a triangle and hand-baste the open edges.

Making decorative flowers

Pull one end of the basting thread to gather the triangle into a flower petal. Stitch the opening where the two ends meet.

Making decorative flowers

Pin 5 petals together in an overlapping pattern to make a semi-circle. Repeat so you have 3 semi-circles.

Making decorative flowers

Machine sew along the bottom curved edge of each semi-circle.

Making decorative flowers

Now pull the two ends of the semi-circle together and hand stitch to make a flower. Repeat to make two more flowers.

Attaching the decorative flowers

4. Attach the flowers to the poncho

Hand sew the flowers in place on the poncho markings.

Attaching the decorative flowers

Hand sew button on to the centers of the flowers.

Trying on DIY poncho

Slip your arms through the armholes and wear your poncho like a jacket.

Completed DIY poncho

Completed DIY poncho

Here’s how it looks from the back!

Completed DIY poncho

You could also pull it up over your head and wear it like a scarf!

What a simple, but elegant new addition to your wardrobe! Try this DIY poncho and leave a comment to let me know how you liked this tutorial.

Suggested materials:
  • Linen fabric
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker
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    Nice but I believe I would use one large button in the flower center instead of four.