How to Make Beautiful Colorful Clay Flowers

by MyVian
3 Materials
15 Minutes

In this DIY, we’re going to be taking some colorful clay and designing an easy, realistic-looking flower. Polymer clay is so much fun to work with, it starts off as just one great big lump but you get to shape and mold it to perfection to create a stunningly intricate design. Follow along with me and let’s create a beautiful clay flower!

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay
  • Cutting tool
  • Dotting tool
Rolling colorful clay into balls

1. Roll clay into balls

To make this flower, we need to use polymer clay in three different colors. I will be using light blue, dark blue, and red. Roll the clay into three balls, you should have two medium-sized balls and one large one.

Rolling colorful clay into large pieces

2. Roll the large piece

Take the clay that you have rolled into a large ball and using your hand, roll it into a thin sausage shape.

Cutting into sections

3. Cut into sections

Now we’re going to prepare pieces of polymer clay for the center and the petals of the flower. Take the sausage shape and cut it into small sections.

Making the center of the flower

4. Make the center of the flower

For the center of the flower, create a ball first and then flatten it with your fingers to create a nice thin flat circle. Then use your thumb to roll the flat circle into a cone.

Creating petals from colorful clay

5. Create the petals

For the petals, create flat circles from the remaining polymer clay pieces.

Attaching petals to center

6. Attach the petals to the center

Attach the petals to the center of the flower. Note how the petals overlap.

Rolling the clay flower

7. Roll the flower

Next, roll the stem of the clay flower. This turning move helps the petals to stick nicely together and prepares the stem for the incoming cut.

Cutting the top part of the flower

8. Cut 

Cut off the top part of the flower to separate it from the long stem.

Creating tiny colorful clay balls

9. Create tiny balls

Take one of the smaller colored balls of clay, cut off part of it, and roll that with your hands to make it long and thin. Proceed to cut off little pieces, and roll them with your finger to create tiny balls, these little tiny bits will decorate the flower. Repeat the step with your other color.

Decorating the flower

10. Decorate the flower

Use the dotting tool to pick each piece up and place it all over the flower. The adhesion involves no glue, no bake & bond, no tricks, just very gentle pressure.

Completed colorful clay flower

Colorful clay

Here is the finished polymer clay flower. The overlapping red petals look very detailed and realistic while the blue dots add some fun detail to the flower. 

Completed colorful clay flowers

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and you’ll try it out for yourself. Once you’ve mastered this technique, then you can have a try at a different flower design! We'd love to hear about your results in the comments.

Suggested materials:
  • Polymer clay
  • Cutting tool
  • Dotting tool

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