How to Make a Flower Out of Polymer Clay - Part 4: Flower With Stamen

by MyVian
3 Materials
1 Hour

If you love polymer clay DIYs or are a beginner and want to give it a try, then I have some inspiration for you with this flower clay sculpture tutorial. This is one of my beautiful polymer clay flower ideas that you can do yourself. Clay flower making is so fun, and you can choose your own color theme, too! Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Blade
  • Various colored clay
  • Paper
Rolling orange clay to make the stamen

1. Make the stamen

First, make thin rolls with the first color of your choice. Use your fingers to roll the clay and cut it into pieces as you go along. 

Cutting the pieces

Once you get to a thin roll, cut a few pieces with your blade. 

Polling the yellow clay for petals

2. Make the petals

Roll another color until it becomes a long thick roll as pictured. 

Cutting the pieces

Cut five equal pieces. 

Shaping the petals

Roll each piece between your fingers to create a ball. Then, flatten it to create a thin flat circle. 

Folding one end inwards

Fold the bottom into pleats and squeeze the bottom folds together to form a petal. Repeat for all petal pieces. 

Assembling the flower

3. Assemble the flower

Put all the thin red rolls together to make the inner part of the flower. 

Polymer clay flower ideas

Next, attach the petals to the stamen.

Polymer clay flower tutorial

Fold the outer part of the petal outward, too. 

Twisting the stem

Turn the stem as you arrange the rest of the petals. This helps the petals stick together and elongates the stem, thus preparing it for a clean cut at the end. 

Cutting off the stem

4. Cut off the stem

Slide your blade under the flower to cut off the stem. 

Polymer clay flower with stamen

Polymer clay flowers

Polymer clay flower with stamen

The flower clay sculpture is complete! I hope you enjoyed this polymer clay flower tutorial. You can make many clay flower arrangements, just like the other incredible flowers pictured above.

To see how to make the other polymer clay flowers, see my previous tutorials: wild rose, multicolored rose, and three-petal flower.

You can utilize this flower in various projects, such as rings, earrings, pendants, or even photo frame decorating! Unleash your creativity and good luck. 

Suggested materials:
  • Blade
  • Various colored clay
  • Paper

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