Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Jenny Beth
by Jenny Beth

As a Louisianian, Mardi Gras is one of my favorite holidays with so many fun memories. Growing up, we would go to parades every year. That is looking a little different this year, but that’s not stopping me from celebrating. This holiday is so rich in tradition and history. Let’s talk about the history behind the colors!

In 1872, a German duke was visiting NOLA and it was determined his family colors would be the official colors of Mardi Gras. The color green represents faith. This color is also the official color of Tulane University, which is in New Orleans.

Gold was chosen because it represents wealth and power. This color, along with purple, are the official colors of Louisiana State University. I mean, are you even from Louisiana if you don’t have this color??

Purple represents justice. It’s also one of my favorite colors to style for the holiday. In 1875, Fat Tuesday was pronounced as an official holiday in Louisiana. So next week, grab you a hurricane and dress in your favorite green, gold, and purple and let the good times roll!

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