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I debated on doing the Grandpa Eclectic trend for this post until I realized cardigans fit into so many different styles. I figured let's style them and take a poll at the end to see which "trend" you all like the most. I chose three of the styles that I would typically go to show off.

Grandpa Eclectic is everything you can think of when it comes to how an old man dresses. Cozy cardigans, plain jeans, and tennis shoes. This is the most basic of styles but probably the most worn on my end.

Coastal Grandma. Chunky sandals, wide-leg pants, and (cozy) cardigan. This trend has stayed in style for a few years now, and I hope it is here to stay. It has beach vibes, and warm coffee on a front porch-type style.

Western chic style. I don't think Western wear is going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the new Beyonce single that just blew up the internet! I threw this cardigan over a floral dress and some Western-style books.

These are just three of my favorite styles that can include cardigans! Let's that a vote... Which one would you lean toward?!

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