Wear Your Sweater Like THIS for a Better Fit

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Are you looking for a fresh way to wear your cardigan? Then try out this super quick cardigan hack with no special supplies that I’ve been loving lately.

It makes all my outfits look 10x better so grab a cardigan and let's get into the tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Cardigan
Stop wearing your cardigan like this

1. Wear it backward

Start off by wearing your cardigan backward, putting your arms through the sleeves while the tag is toward your face. 

Putting cardigan on backwards

2. Pull it behind your head

Next, bunch up the main part of the fabric and pull it behind your head so it covers your shoulders and back.

Putting cardigan on backwards

Here’s how this cardigan hack looks from the front: 

Cardigan hack

And here’s a look from the back: 

Cardigan hack

Cardigan hack

How quick and easy was this hack. I'm completely in love with the end-result and I hope you are too.

Which cardigan style do you like better – the regular way or this batwing cardigan hack? Let me know in the comments down below.

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