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Baby, it’s cold outside! Skip the boring tracksuits. Dress up, even when the weather is freezing! Who says a stylish fur coat and scarf won’t look great on a winter’s day? Stay chic and stay warm with my stylish winter style tips and fashion hacks. I will take you through the basics of a winter capsule wardrobe and how to look your best, too.

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Thermal Basics

So, let’s start with the basics because we can't really do much if we don't have these must-have clothing items to keep us warm. My first winter style 2021 style hack is wool tights. They are so versatile, you can wear them underneath pants or jeans. They are not bulky and of course, keep you warm. 

How to look chic in winter

Buy two basic tops that will give extra warmth. Black and nude works best, and trust me, it almost feels like you're not wearing anything underneath. These are like bodysuits and will keep you feeling cozy, even on the coldest days. 

Easy winter style

Next up, get a thick pair of thermal socks, preferably high socks. These socks add an extra layer of much-needed warmth. They are comfortable to wear with knee-high boots, under pants, or under jeans. You can’t go wrong with these, I promise! 

Women’s winter style

Winter jackets and coats

Winter jackets can be bulky and not so fitting on the body as one would desire. Experiment and upstyle them by wearing a belt around your waist, thus accentuating your waistline. This will definitely give a shapeless jacket a more flattering look. 

Make sure your jacket is a good fit

As far as basics are concerned, purchase the perfect winter jacket that is both stylish and snuggly. How can you tell if it's comfortable? Move your arms in every direction, do your arms move effortlessly? Also, Make sure the jacket is not tugging at your back. Before you say yes to the jacket, take into consideration what you would be wearing underneath the jacket. Will it be just as comfortable with heavy knitwear?

Buy a waist defined jacket

Another tip is to make sure that your jacket is waist defined or at least has an option to add a belt. This will really transform your jacket so that you will look more stylish. For me, it is an easy winter style that makes a difference. 

Wear a longer jacket for warmth

Need more warmth? Opt for a longer jacket, especially in the coldest months where you need it most. It’s one thing having a beautiful waist- long jacket but if it doesn’t really keep you warm, it’s not really versatile. Don’t forget that colors are also important when picking out winter coats. Go for neutral colors that you can mix and match with accessories. Also, before you go out and buy a winter jacket, look through your closet and see what color would best match with your existing clothing items and accessories. 

Buy minimalistic items

Avoid jackets and coats that have a lot of trendy pieces and offcuts. For example, chains, rings, too many buttons, and so forth. This is not so versatile and you’ll have a hard time matching other clothing items with this. Plain and simple is really the best option for the perfect women’s winter style.


Look for a jacket that has a hood, preferably a removable one, too. A hood is useful when it’s raining, snowing, and sheltering you from winds.

Winter style 2021

Winter shoes

Don’t invest in rain or snow boots if you are not spending too much time walking outdoors. Rather, purchase a water repellent shoe spray that is liquid proof and will prevent damage to your normal boots and winter shoes. I’ve been using mine for 6 years and I swear by it. It creates a layer on your shoe, and as you can see, when I pour water over my boot, it literally just slides off without wetting the boot itself. 

Invest in quality leather boots

Another great investment is knee-high, black leather boots. They are also somewhat water-resistant and I can walk anywhere with them without having to worry about damaging them. They provide an extra layer of warmth and they are and will always be a stylish, easy winter style. 

Buy good snow boots

Let’s move onto outdoor shoes. If you do spend time outdoors, invest in a pair of good, comfy snow boots. Make sure they are plain in color, have no trendy pieces that could go out of fashion by next year, and they are comfortable for you to walk in. 

How to dress for winter



Get some stylish winter gloves to keep you warm on those ice-cold winter days. As you see here, I prefer the basic looking gloves that can go with literally any outfit. Leather gloves are great because they are water-resistant and they look way more sophisticated than normal gloves. Suede also makes a difference and looks quite chic while cashmere is another great option if you’re looking for a more intricate easy winter style. 

Wear a hat to look extra stylish


Here's another great tip on how to look chic in winter. Hats are an awesome option to add to your wardrobe. It’s funky and really brings on a deeper, sophisticated style while keeping you warm, too. 

Place ear muffs for warmth and style

Earmuffs are a cute accessory to wear alongside your hooded jackets. They’re also easy to store and I just love how it looks. 

Dress up your outfit with a fun scarf


For me, scarves are the way to go! There are no rules here; they’re fun and you have hundreds of ways to wear them. Express your personality by investing in funky, warm scarves. I am not minimalistic in this area, because scarves are a great accessory to wear on plain colored clothing items, hence giving you the freedom to choose any color you want. It’s easier to change scarves and dress up your basic clothes than investing in a ton of different colored coats and jackets. 

Get an elegant handbag to compliment your outfit


Accessorize your outfit a step further with handbags. This is another great option where you can express yourself. I love adding contrast, even to minimal plain colored items. As you see here, I am wearing all black but I have different textures that give a lovely touch. 

How to dress stylish for winter

Skirts & Dresses

Who says dresses and skirts should only be worn in Summer? If you want to know how to dress stylish for winter, then dresses and skirts are still an essential item to any wardrobe- capsule or not. Dresses elevate your look and make you feel confident all around. You may be asking, how can one keep warm during the winter with short dresses and skirts? Easy! Layer your tights. Wear nude tights underneath and black tights over. This is ultimately the best trick when it comes to an easy winter style that looks sexy while still feeling warm. As far as dresses are concerned, cashmere or heavy knit textiles are the way to go. 

I hope you enjoyed my women’s winter style hack as much as I enjoyed presenting. Now you can have a complete capsule wardrobe with all the essentials to make you feel good and warm during winter. 

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