5 Useful Ways of Wearing Graphic Tees to Stay Chic and Modern

Wearing graphic tees may not be on your radar, but I am always trying to think outside the box, and get you thinking that way too!

So I'm sharing 5 ways to wear any graphic tee!

1-Jeans and a tee

2-Wear it with dress-up pants

3- Pencil skirt

4- Tulle skirt

5- Check out the last way on my blog.

Teaching ways to get creative with our clothing is really what makes me tick. The way to keep us feeling good about ourselves can definitely start with how we get dressed.

Most of us get in a habit with our outfits (which is not necessarily bad). Yet if that habit has us sticking to the same thing over and over and possibly choosing more frumpier pieces, then the answer is to change.

One of my favorite aspects of modern outfits is the idea of yin and yang. Combining two opposite “categories” of clothing is how I describe it. So what I have done with the idea of wearing a graphic tee is to style it with items you wouldn’t necessarily combine.

In case you can’t read the shirt well, it says, “A little more kindness. A little less judgement.”

Jeans and a Tee

The most usual pairing for wearing graphic tees are with jeans. Yet, sometimes that can look sloppy. So how about throwing a blazer over the tee?

It never hurts to add in some fun footwear and statement earrings too!!

Insider tip: Even if you got rid of all of your blazers when you retired, I think you can find great deals on them at the thrift stores. Heck, it’s the perfect time to try out more “interesting” blazers (like this rose gold one) instead of sticking with the business appropriate boring ones.

And yes, this blazer was secondhand.

Wearing Graphic Tees with Dressy Pants

Now switch out your jeans for those pants in your closet that you think are more dressy. NOT just your black pants. But how about a pair of business pants (that are part of a suit) or even silky ones?

Insider tip: Grey is a wonderful neutral that works with many prints…even if the color isn’t in the print.

Want to see these pants styled 5 other ways?

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Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is another item that is thought of as more business appropriate and even dressy. That’s where wearing graphic tees with them is such a perfect fit. It’s that yin/yang or dichotomy in an outfit that really makes you look like you’re living in the 2000’s.

Notice I also added in a statement necklace? That adds a fun whimsical element to the outfit also.

Why You Might Want to Consider a Tulle Skirt

I’m sure most of you would never even consider having a tulle skirt. I know that was my thought 7 years ago when I first started blogging. Yet over these years, whenever I see one, I look at them and think how pretty they are. Yet I used to talk myself out of it because how functional could they really be?

Well, let me chime in here and say, who hasn’t had an upcoming “event” scheduled and realized you didn’t have the right dress for it? That’s where the tulle skirt could be so handy. It’s definitely dressy and feminine. Yet I’m showing how to make it more casual by wearing graphic tees with it too.

There are other reasons you might need a tulle skirt or any skirt for that matter. I shared 7 points in this blog.

Insider tip: Tulle skirts can be found inexpensively on Poshmark. That’s where I bought this WHBM ones!

Do you need tips about buying off Poshmark?

How to Shop on Poshmark

The 5th Way to Wear your graphic tee?

Make sure to pop over to the blog to see a unique way to style it.

How else are you wearing your graphic tees?

My goal was to show how older women like us could wear these pieces and look great too!

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Jodie Filogomo
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