Seven Tricks for How to Look Slimmer

Do you want to know how to dress to look taller? Are you looking for ideas on how to dress to look slimmer? In this tutorial, Giedre will show you seven small changes you can easily make in your wardrobe so you can feel fantastic in every outfit.

How to dress to look slimmer

Padded top

For this look, Giedre switched out her black tank top with a top that has a high neck and padded shoulders. The padding and dark color of the shirt make her shoulders appear wider, giving her waist a slimmer look in contrast. She also added a belt and necklaces to accentuate her waist and neck--the narrower parts of her body. Black mesh slides complete the look. 

Dress to look slimmer

Longline blazer

When choosing a blazer, Giedre recommends trying a jacket whose hem comes to about mid-thigh, as opposed to something that hits you at the hips. The longer lines of the blazer are good for helping to elongate the figure.

Clothes that make you look slimmer

Proportion of thirds

In the first look, Giedre’s outfit essentially cuts her into three equal sections, making her appear shorter than she actually is. By switching her short skirt for a midi with a slit, she instantly added length to her look. The necklace adds another focal point and gives some cohesiveness to the outfit. 

How to look taller

Skin-tone shoes

One very simple tip for making your legs look longer is to wear skin-tone shoes. It’s very simple to see in the picture how the black shoes make Giedre’s legs look shorter, and just by switching them out for skin-tone shoes, she has immediately created the illusion of elongated legs.

How to dress to look taller

Coordinated outfit

While there’s nothing wrong with the outfit on the left, on the right Giedre demonstrates how an outfit with a coordinating top and bottom can make a person look taller. And the skin-tone shoes make the effect even greater. 

Dress to look taller

Long, flowy overtop

Here, Giedre switches out a dark-toned tank top for a white shirt and layers it with a long, flowy lightweight duster. The length of the duster makes her look taller, while the wide belt accentuates her waist, and makes her look thinner. She added strappy gold sandals to complete this beautiful look. 

Clothes that make you look taller

Asymmetrical hemline

Because the eye is drawn to the shortest part of the asymmetrical hem of her skirt, it makes her legs look longer than they appeared in the slightly shorter, but straight, black pleated skirt. We can also see how Giedre added necklaces and tucked her skirt in to accentuate those narrow parts of her body for a slimming effect.

Were these suggestions for how to dress to look slimmer and ideas for clothes that make you look taller helpful? Which of these looks do you like best? Which tricks will you try?

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  • Rose Kole Rose Kole on May 24, 2021

    Good ideas, but is there a men's version of this?

  • Mary Porod Mary Porod on May 26, 2021

    This is great! I appreciate these tips. Simple ideas and great pics to illustrate. Thanks so much!!!