How to Achieve Sexy Cat Eye Eyelashes

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Do you ever wonder why, when curling your lashes, the outermost parts never seem to get curled?

The secret of how to curl your outer lashes involves the metal part of your eyelash curler!

Follow along with me to learn how to make the most of your eyelash curler for the perfect, cat eye eyelashes.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyelash curler
  • Mirror

Eyelash curler

1. Collect your lashes in the curler

Make sure you scoop your outer lashes into the curler. You don’t want to leave those out! 

Curling lashes

2. Position your face

This is the step you’ve probably been missing! Tilt your head back, looking down into the mirror.

Then, with your free hand, slightly pull on the lid at the outer part of your eye.

Curling lashes

3. Re-align and curl

Snuggle the curler in to make sure that the metal part is exactly in line with your lash line.

This will ensure that you get the roots of all the outer lashes. 

Curling lashes

Then start curling, moving upwards as you go.

This technique lifts the eyes into a more positive looking canthal tilt, by making the end of the eye appear the most pulled out and winged. 

Curling lashes

Here’s the final look of both eyelashes, fully curled:

Cat eye eyelashes

Cat eye eyelashes

Do you love this simple, cat eye eyelash curling technique?

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Suggested materials:
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mirror

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