Custom MAMA Cropped Denim Jacket

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
3 Materials
20 Minutes

Who doesn't love a denim jacket? I've seen a lot of people with cropped denim jackets lately and loved the look, but another denim jacket is the last thing I needed so I decided to make my own with an older one I had.

I wasn't particularly fond of this jacket in general. It was too stiff and not one I would miss, so I decided to cut right above the 2nd button from the bottom.

After I cropped it I distressed the hemline by just pulling at some of the threads.

But I wasn't done there I wanted to make this a custom Mama jacket as well. I got these letters from Amazon and ironed them on the back.

I love the look of the block lettering!

Finally, I used a cheese grater to distress the jacket some more.

I didn't overthink cutting the jacket or the parts I distressed, I just kind of did it randomly.

With Mother's Day right around the corner I think this is a perfect gift for a mama in your life or a gift for yourself.

Suggested materials:
  • Old jean jacket   (Your closet)
  • Scissors and cheese grater
  • Iron on letters   (Amazon)

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