3 Easy Dip Powder Nail Ideas: French, Glitter Ombre & Marble Nails

by Laurart
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If you just got your first kit and you’re looking for dip powder nails ideas, look no further. I’m going to show you three easy designs that you can do with a dip powder kit: classic French nails, a glitter ombre, and marble nail art.

Benefits of dip powder nails

Dip powder kits are the future of nail art design! The benefits of dip powder nails are numerous. They’re stronger and last twice as long as their gel counterparts and, with a kit, they’re so easy to do at home.

Tools and materials:

A typical dip powder kit will come with 6 dip powders, 3 liquids (top coat, activator, and a base coat), and brushes.

Applying a thin layer of the base to nails

1. French dip powder nails

Apply a thin layer of the base to your nails.

Dipping the end of the nail into the powder

Carefully dip the end of the nail into the white powder to create the classic French tip.

Tip: make sure you mix your powder and that it’s level upon starting, so your design doesn’t come out lopsided.

Pouring the pink powder onto the nail

Next, pour the pink powder onto the rest of the nail.

Brushing off the excess powder

Tap your hand to get rid of any excess powder, then use the brush to gently sweep off any remaining loose powder.

Repeat these steps, starting with the base and then the powders, to apply a second layer. 

Applying activator to the dip powder nails

Apply a generous amount of the activator onto your nails.

Filing and buffing the nail

Once cured, file and buff your nail. Brush off any excess product.

French manicure dip powder nails steps

Finally, apply two coats of the gel top coat to your nails. 

Here's the finished nail. This classic French manicure never goes out of style and the dip powder technique looks so professional.

Dipping the nail into white glitter powder

2. Glitter ombre dip powder nails

Apply a thin layer of the base to your nails and then dip your entire nail into the white glitter powder. It should be entirely covered in powder.

Dipping half a nail into pink glitter powder

Reapply the base over the end of the nail, then dip half of the nail into pink glittery powder. 

Covering the top of the nail with powder

Apply the base again over the rest of the nail and slightly overlap the pink glitter powder. Cover the nail with white glittery powder again, and brush off any excess powder. 

Applying activator to the ombre glitter nails

Apply a generous amount of the activator onto your nails. Once cured, file and buff your nails.

As before, brush off any excess product and apply two layers of the top coat. 

Glitter ombre dip powder nails

Here's the finished result! These glittery ombre dip powder nails are glamorous and again, look like you had them done at the salon!

Creating a white base for the marble nail art

3. Marble dip powder nail art

Apply a thin layer of the base to your nail and then dip your entire nail into the solid white powder. The white will act as a background.

Brush off excess powder and reapply the base for a second coat.

Sprinkling glitter and color powders

Carefully sprinkle different dip powders over the base to create the marble effect. I’m using pink glittery powder, solid pink powder, and white powder. 

Pouring the transparent powder over nails

Apply the base one more time and then dip into or pour over the transparent powder.

Marble dip powder nails

Finally, apply the activator, file and buff your nails, and apply the topcoat. 

This marble nail design looks so sophisticated and is so easy to achieve with dip powders.

Dip powder nails ideas

Dip powder nails ideas

All done! Whether you like the ombre dip powder nails or the glitter dip powder nails, I hope you’re feeling inspired to go off and create your own incredible nail designs after this tutorial.

Let me know what you think about dip powder and what kind of nail designs you’re going to try out!

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Suggested materials:
  • Dip powder kit
  • Nail file

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