Easy Nude Nail French Tip Tutorial

by NailsXAri
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30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a perfect French-tip nail set.

If you want these stunning nude nail French tips, follow along with this manicure.

You can replicate these French-tip nails on false nails or your own natural nails, but his tutorial will demonstrate the process on false nails.

Tools and materials:

  • False nail set (optional)
  • Nude-toned gel nail polish
  • Pale pink gel nail polish
  • Nail tip polish in color of your choice
  • Clear gel top coat
  • UV lamp
  • Assorted nail polish applicator brushes
First base coat

1. First base coat

Apply one coat of nude-toned polish to your nails (I am using a color called “crepe” in this demo).

First base coat

Cure that coat under a UV lamp for 60 seconds, and then apply a second coat. 

Cure again for 60 seconds.

Applying second base coat

2. Second base coat

Apply a coat of pale pink transparent gel polish.

Applying French tip coat

3. French tip coat

For the French tip, I am using a different shade of pink from my last coat, so my tips are in a nude/light pink shade. 

If you prefer a white French tip, then just substitute white polish in this step. 

Use a very thin brush to draw a line on your nails where you want the French tip to start.

Applying French tip coat

I like my French tips to extend all the way down the sides of my nails, so if that’s what you want as well, continue your line guide down both sides of your nail.

Applying French tip coat

Now, use the same brush to round out the tops of the nails.

Applying French tip coat

Then, fill in the whole nail tip.

Cleaning up

If you discover that your gel polish is dripping where you don’t want it, just use a clean, flat brush, dipped in acetone, to remove the unwanted polish. 

Cure your nails under your UV lamp for 60 seconds.

Applying top coat

4. Top coat 

Apply a generous amount of clear top coat over your cured nails.

Nude nails French tips

Here is my completed French tip nail set. 

Of course, if you did this on your natural nails, you’re all done, but if you used false nails, then just apply them as you usually would.

Nude nails French tips

Nude nails French tips

Here’s the completed look.

It’s pretty dramatic, but very professional looking and eye-catching!

Let me know if you give this nude French manicure a try, and how you liked it.

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Suggested materials:
  • False nail set (optional)
  • Nude-toned gel nail polish
  • Pale pink gel nail polish
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